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Posted March 7, 2011 from United States
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Been playing more music lately. Had a few good jam sessions downtown at AJ's Cafe in Ferndale. I love it when I can just slip in with a group of people I just met and create music. We had a woman on the cello, two guys on bass and rhythm guitars and me on my djembe. The sound was so fluid and colorful. Things are going in a good direction. Will be performing at the opening night celebration for the "Assembly Line Concert," a two week long, Guiness Book of World Records-breaking concert at AJ's. It is in support of the workers of southwest Michigan. I'm excited to help out for the good cause. Aside from opening night, I have a sunrise spot. 7:00 a.m. drumming. Maybe that will jump-start me into starting every day drumming? Nice way to start the day.

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