Good classes can change your world

Posted December 13, 2010 from United States

Well, it turns out that the Division I Women's Basketball World isn't the one for me. I am no longer with the team, but am still going after my teaching certification at University of Detroit! I am just finishing up the semester and have final exams this week. I will certainly miss my English class "Diverse Voices in Fiction" taught by Mary Weatherston. In that class we examined several texts by authors of different ethic backgrounds. The one that stood out the most for me were, Toni Morrison's "The Bluest Eye," "Tracks," by Louise Erdrich (Native American) and "The Rain God" By Arturo Islas (Mexican-American). We started each new book of the class by writing up on the blackboard every single stereotype associated with each author and racial group. It was incredible to release these toxic words into a formal discussion and pick them apart. What an incredible journey I experienced into myself during those discussions! Ok...time to stop procrastinating and get to work on that take home exam for her class!

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