First of all let's start with defining digital empowerment as the search for an organization or group of persons acquire the capacity to participate freely in the digital world through the knowledge and implementation of social initiatives, involving everyone in the organization, learn from each mistake, do what works and re-use technology tools.

Digitally empowering women is very important because it is a way to achieve common objectives through technology. In my career as startup girl I discovered along with my business partner, that violence against women is a big worldwide problem. Violence against women is an extreme manifestation of inequality that affects thousands around the world; the consequences are devastating for the physical and mental health of women and affect the development of families, communities and entire societies. For this reason, violence against women is recognized as a human rights issue.

Digitally empowering women is very important as it can help solve such problems worldwide. How? Well such a way is through a mobile application that my company (Yourbanice) is developing. The idea is to develop a Smartphone app aimed at approaching women victims of domestic violence, using alternative media and social utility bringing a new mobile phone. The project is a free application, available for iOS and Android devices, involves opening a new way to stay in touch with women who suffer domestic violence, and are given the tools and information necessary to enable them to end this situation. This app would target anyone who believes that there is a case of domestic violence in their environment or has witnessed any aggression.

The goal of creating this app is to create a useful and easy to use tool that helps detect early signs of violence. The idea is that through your mobile phone, women can learn quickly and comfortably the different resources that are available to them in each country and the steps they can take to protect themselves. It even has a section of "evidence" which aims to strengthen and achieve break the silence.

One of the main objectives of this project was to adapt to the reality we live in, where the Smartphone is already one of the most used means to access any information and it is a way to solve and empowering women throw digital technology. I hope you can think about this project we have in mind because I am sure you have more ideas it will help to improve it, and of course it would help to solve the domestic violence problem.

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Hi Micotina, You touched my heart.So much efforts you are putting in to put and an end to a very common suffering of a woman.I was too a victim of such domestic violence.It becomes difficult when not only when we women suffer but also the innocent kids become part of it.When it was limited to me,I took it but found my kid being so much affected by it indirectly.Disgusting really.Not only me or my kid suffer,I think many such women and kids are suffering in the world.Something to be done about it.You are really doing a great job to start with a mobile application to give right information to women in this regard.Thank you so much.I would like to know the details of the same and it would be a great pleasure if I can contribute in any way. Regards...SaritaMat

Hello Micotina, Your idea is such a provocative and influencial and demontrating the concept of speak up or fight agaisnt violence. This app will be also very much acceptable in southasian women context where we have to live in a patriarchal society and and live in a vulnerable condition. Women are still innaccessible to internet or digital commuication in many underveloped areas all over the world. Even considering me when i was in class 10, i faced sexual violence from my own cousin but i could not do anything, i could not inform anyone and share with my family and i have to go through many mental sufferings. I would like to say one this that is this app would used in the normal devices and create an option in the normal deivices it would be great becuase in many palces still smartphones have not reached. thanks ukheng