About Me: I am a young Kenyan woman, living and working in Nairobi. My passion for rights-based development first stemmed from a very early interest in different cultures and ways of living, which led me to study Anthropology as my first degree and thereafter Gender and Development as my Masters Degree. I have worked in the private sector (in Kenya and in West Africa) and with Development agencies in Kenya, and enjoyed both, although I must say that I have had the greatest personal fulfillment while working in development. I come from a large family and enjoy reading, cooking, movies, keeping fit, and music. One thing that it would be hard for me to live without is the music of Salif Keita. Listening to him, one is reminded that after all, there are so many beautifuI and wondrous things to celebrate on this earth!

My Passions: Changing people's lives in a way that empowers them as individuals.

My Challenges: Overcoming set beliefs on the identity and roles/responsibilities of women and men.

My Vision for the Future: A world where injustice and inequality are not constants.

My Areas of Expertise: Gender, Social Change and Sustainable Human Development, Business Planning, Strategy Formulation and Administration.

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