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Posted March 13, 2009 from Kenya

13th March 2009

Today, there was an article in one of our local dailies, which I am sure made that particular edition fly off the stalls quicker than "nyama choma" (grilled beef which Kenyans particularly love)..... Guess what the title was? It went something like this.................

"It's not their Fault! Men are Genetically programmed to be promiscuous!"

One can only imagine just how many errant men made sure that their wives saw and read the article! Many more will be keeping it (nay, framing it) for posterity, to remind whomever dares to censure them in future that after all, it is the fault of evolutionary processes (for darwinians) or heavenly forces (for all others) and they are just hapless victims in the big scheme of propagating the human race!

From all the men interviewed to give their comments on the article, there was a general tone of ..... finally! some scientific validation!

Tell me, what are marriage or committment-oriented girls to do? One advice given was that maybe, for every prospective partner that they are considering for a long term relationship, they should consider doing a DNA test to determine whether they possess the offending genes.Talk of pipe dreams!

The expectation would then be that if a woman finds herself in this situation (i.e with a cheating spouse etc) then they should either put up or ship out! I am sure that you can already guess which option would be most preferred by our men.

In conclusion, if this is indeed true, I ask, where is the role of NURTURE in all this??? Are we all destined to be the slaves of our genetic make up? I thought that the ability to overcome this is what differentiates us from wild Animals?

Finally, I can only wish anyone that finds themselves in such a situation all the best of luck in trying to reason with a Kenyan man that has read this article!

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