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I am inspired by a Chinese proverb, which says The faintest ink is better than the sharpest memory. Through the use of Web 2.0 technologies such as bloggs, social network portals I have found courage to tackle the world headon .Platforms created by using such technologies have provided young women with opportunities for improved knowledge production, sharing and management across disciplines. It is just amazing how just by the click of a button I am able to connect to sisters across the world. If we don’t tell out own stories someone else will and they will tell them the way the want to. However Web2.0 technologies have made it possible for women to speak out, to claim the space and own the platforms in creating ‘herstories’. Young women are also mobilising through the use of such platforms and women across the globe have become one family is fighting against oppression of women. Unlike in the mainstream media, which mainly perpetuate the male-centric voice and perspectives that characterise societies, Web 2.0 ensures that women are not merely passive consumers of information. The feminist and women’s movement has been strengthened and deconstructing male-centric knowledge production norms and creating new language of expressing an interpreting women’s world and the world in general through the eyes of a women who making strides to challenge and subvert the patriarchal system. Through the use of Web 2.0 brings alternative voices and redefines language that is used in the mainstream media, which is male, dominated and serves to reinforce patriarchy, which is both oppressive and suppressive to women. Issues that have been kept locked in chests and diaries are being said as women are breaking the culture of silence and speaking out. Mainstream publishing instead has placed less value on feminist writing, there has been a proliferation of bloggers, articulating women’s issues and advocating for equality of women. This has also helped in creating a robust knowledge base where women’s movements are gradually and increasingly growing and they are discernible trends in the African continent. Women are no longer the ‘voiceless’. Stories are being told that capture women’s struggles, socio-economic and political issues The personal is political .Web 2.0 has made it possible for me to talk about those issues that others would rather not. It has empowered me to speak for myself. I am can reach out to any woman across the globe, share information and solutions. The platform provided to network, engange and take up online courses such as this one are also crucial. Through the use of Web 2.0 we feel even closer as developing a sense of family or belonging, I am never alone because I know there are other sisters out there who are with me. Knowledge is power and I know once I have access to information I am empowered, I might not have the muscle to wrestle but I know through my writing I can create a better world I can push for change and definitely I am not invincible.

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