What most excites me about web 2.0? It’s an opportunity that I will grasp to be mentored into realizing my dream, and be a voice for other women globally. It’s an opportunity I realized was very necessary since I experienced the wind of change in my life. It excites me to realize that it’s possible after all to voice my experience so that others may be encouraged to speak.

The solutions Web 2.0 will bring to the global women empowerment include the following;

Web 2.0 will create attention and an increased engagement from women, which in turn will create a lot of evangelism on women issues, globally. Web 2.0 is a tool which empowers women to freely maximize exposure, interaction, connecting and staying in touch. It’s actually an open space to voice women needs and demands globally Web 2.0 brings and encourages individual initiatives towards establishing an environment within which women will grow to become powerful empowerment. Web 20 gives women a platform of publicity to create awareness into a practical outlook on the global arena. It then acts as a roadmap for women to find their perfect It will give women a chance to discuss and exchange best practices for advancing women empowerment.

How web 2.0 be empowering for me? It will give me top priority mentorship, interaction, and guidance which will prepare me to be a better woman in handling women issues. Am convinced that I will be developed and ready to be a voice for other women, I might never have stood a chance to deserve an opportunity like this. I believe that education is key in helping me plough back to my community. I will be able to educate others in specific women problems and solutions as an educated woman; I will be able to make better decision concerning my life Women suffer from self-esteem issues, depression, and even abuse. It’s so easy to be isolated, web 2.0, will make me pro-active; it’s going to increase my self esteem, effectiveness, boosting my self confidence and self image. This is definitely going to be the best thing that ever happened to me because I have been fighting with low self esteem for along time. In general I think web2.0 is a caring heart for women, it’s in tune with the society around it.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Empowerment and Web 2.0.

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Dear Milly, I find your use of the term "evangelism" to be a powerful way to describe increased engagement among women to increase women's empowerment globally. I pray that the "winds of change" that have blown through you continue to blow in a positive direction.

Jan Askin

Thank you Jan for your kind comments.I believe that women are capable of so much more than they are able to demonstrate.I look at my life and what i have gone through,and wish someone should not go it alone the way i did.


I enjoyed reading your first assignment entry. Your ability to clearly think through many aspects of an idea, in this case, the empowerment potential of Web 2.0 is astounding! I love the list of points you created, covering the many ways blogging and this technology can impact women's lives.

I think your own words speak very clearly and loudly. I would encourage you to, maybe, not use the questions provided in the assignment in your journal entry, except as a guide for your own draft. And using HTML tags like strong and emphasis are a great way to separate the content into paragraphs, as well!

I am thrilled to hear the personal empowerment you are experiencing through Voices of the Future and am convinced, along with you, that this will continue. Keep it Up!