Introducing myself and my journal: "Educate a girl and you educate a community"

Posted August 8, 2012 from United States

About Me: Je suis ravie de me trouver en compagnie de femmes (et d'hommes) passiones de faciliter le changement dans le monde. Je tiens a coeur la voix, le trajet, et le courage des femmes du monde entier. J'ai vecu quotidiennement le courage des femmes (Haitiennes), telles que ma mere et mes soeurs. Mais depuis mon sejour au Senegal j'ai constate combien le courage des femmes est universel quoique les problemes, les violences, les peripeties ne sont pas du tout les memes. Ainsi je me trouve ici dans un eclat d'allegresse en explorant ce plateforme qui facilite la voix de la femme. Car si la femme peut se defendre, peut partager son histoire, l'histoire des stigmatises changera le monde.

I am a firm believer in the individual voice and in the courage it takes to make that voice heard. I am especially in awe of any outlet facilitating women voices from all over the world. I have witnessed first hand the power and elegance of the feminine voice through my mother's courage. Growing up in a patriarchal society I understood the subtlety it takes to speak one's voice. I know that once women of all walks of life and all around the world can speak their voices, the stigmatized will also have a voice.

My Passions: Literature, Women Voices, Education

My Vision for the Future: A world with no violence

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  • Sarvina Kang
    Aug 09, 2012
    Aug 09, 2012

    Welcome to Pulsewire!

    I’m so glad and excited to see you in our community! Thanks so much for joining us, you are always free to post to your journal and add comments to others posts too, this is where we can freely contribute for the betterment of women and children all over that world. Please feel free to browse through our group section and post to the groups you decided to join.....On worldpulse everything is free...just be yourself!

    Welcome again to our PulseWire Community and I look forward to seeing you more in here!!!

    Warm Regards,

    Sarvina from Cambodia

  • milsgra
    Aug 09, 2012
    Aug 09, 2012

    Thank You Sarvina,

    It is a pleasure to be part of this global phenomena. I look forward to working and meeting amazing courageous and resilient women from all over the world.