DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP - 2nd to 5th October 2014.

The most important in learning PHOTOGRAPHY as a beginner is to practice and experiment by yourself, but could be good to learn the basics in how a photo is supposed to be taken. If you don't know the basics, your PHOTOGRAPHY experience might lead to frustration and anger. PHOTOGRAPHY is all about light so start off with shutter speed and aperture. As a beginner in PHOTOGRAPHY and if you the passion to be a good PHOTOGRAPHER we advise you to take up this workshop and learn to click pictures around you.

This DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP is conducted by MINDSCREEN FILM INSTITUTE from 2nd to 5th October 2014. The Philosophy behind the workshop has been to awaken the creative PHOTOGRAPHER hidden in many people who have not had the opportunity to explore PHOTOGRAPHY as a career. These are people who love taking pictures but have been baffled by the technologies involved in DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY, or those who are inspired by the beauty of what they see but are frustrated that they cannot transform that experience into a great picture. The workshop is meant to guide such people and give them a start in the right direction.

The workshop will be coordinated and conducted by Diinesh Kumble

Dinesh is an entrepreneur turned Sports, Nature and Wildlife Photographer. PHOTOGRAPHY was always pursued with a passion even as a student while studying in the United States of America for his Master's degree in Chemical Engineering. Dinesh has been regularly travelling across the wilds of India and Africa to realize and share his many dreams. The large amount of photographs and experience he has been able to gather convinced him to compile "DREAM SAFARI - A Pictorial Journey through Africa's Cradle of Life", a book based on his various trips to eastern Africa and its famed game parks.


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