Posted March 4, 2018

The sun was moving to the other end. Ram asked his dad "Dad may I play with the children there", dad disagreed and told him look son they are slum children their body will be full of dirt and they look ugly. Ram was not happy with his father’s reason, even though he sits silent in the car. The traffic was too heavy and Ram and his father was going to the mall to purchase the things needed for his birthday celebration. Ram was getting irritated sitting in the car, he again looks at the children playing the road side. His father said I will not allow you to go out to this dust, sit play in your tablet, he also said in sweet words we want to buy many things. Without a happy mind, he took tab was scrolling through it.

knocking on the glass of the door Ram look at the young brother he was acting like he didn’t eat anything he was hungry. To hear what he was saying Ram open the glass, suddenly his dad shout at him what are you doing? Ram at low voice said look dad the brother look too hungry let me give my sweets to him I have many at home. His dad was not ready to hear anything he close the glass and said look at that ugly boy full of dirt is in his body and shirt is torn, they are bad people in street. The street boy walked away with his head lowered, the sight was heart breaking for Ram. He sits quietly and traffic was little bit over their car starts to move. The car was entered to the mall's parking area, the mind of Ram completely changed and feel happy about the things to be purchased for the birthday celebration the next day.

As it was a festive season the mall was fully rush. Ram and his dad get all the things and Ram bought an ice cream and eating little away from cash counter. His dad was in the line to pay the cash. Ram ate the ice cream and he was getting bored he walk towards the counter looking his dad, he was still standing. The young blood of Ram would not have allowed him to sit, he wandered here and there. After sometime he returns to the counter he was not able see his dad there, he was little frightened. He searched everywhere, but he was not able to see his dad. He lost all his way somehow reached the outside of the mall. By walking looking his dad he fell, his dress was full of dirt and a small portion was torn. The pain and fear made him cry aloud. No one is minding him, he saw a man sitting in car next to him. He goes there and knocked on the glass of the door, the man was not even looking at him. He knocked continuously, the man opened the door and shouted at him “you street kid how dare you to knock on my glass”. Ram frequently said " I am not a street kid". The man told look at you how dirt is in your body and the shirt is torn go away, Ram again cried "I am not a street kid". The man was not ready to hear anymore and closed the glass. Ram was fully depressed his mind was filling with dark. He looked to a mirror nearby and remembered his father’s words and he asked to himself, if some dirt was on the shirt or body or if the shirt is torn will the person change and become a bad person. He asked it to him several times with tears.

Ram saw the street boy on the opposite side of the road, his mind says that is the only one who can help him in this situation. Ram ran towards the street boy and tries to memorize him that they had seen in traffic. The street boy asked Ram to cool down first. Ram said all that what had happened, the street boy promised Ram to help him to reach his home safely. Ram asked the street boy "what is your name?" after a small silence by a small laugh the street boy replied normally you guys call us street dogs. He said Ram the time is too late we can sleep here somewhere and we can go home tomorrow morning. Ram was in a relax by getting a caring bother and he agreed. The street boy brought good food and gave it to him and arranged a good place to sleep as possible as he can. The heart of Ram was melting and falling as tears when he saw the caring of street boy.

The next morning the street boy and Ram reached in front of Ram's house. By seeing the decorations and the invited relatives, the street boy asked him what is special in your home today. Ram forget to tell this to him, Ram also invited him for his birthday celebration. The street boy refused several times, but Ram brought him inside. When they reach near to front door Ram's dad and mom saw him and ran towards him and hug and kiss him. His dad noticed the street boy later, he jumped towards the street boy shouting and bitten him and made him ran away. He thought the street boy took his son away. Ram was shocked and for the first time in his life he shouted at his father, all the relatives were there. Ram told all that had happened.

His father feel shame of himself. His father took Ram and drive the car in search of that street boy. They searched everywhere through the street at last they found the street boy in the seashore. Ram ran and hug him, his father fall on the legs of the street boy and with tears. He told that the street dogs are better ones than us. Ram and his father take the street boy to their home. Thus, Ram got a bother and his father got one more son. This was the best birthday gift that Ram had received in his life yet!


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  • jlanghus
    Mar 04
    Mar 04

    Hi there:) Welcome to World Pulse. Thanks for sharing your intriguing story about compassion and perception. So many of us are so quick to judge, and make assumptions. I'm glad your story had a happy ending. Looking forward to seeing more stories from you.

  • Mary Ero
    Mar 04
    Mar 04

    Lovely story. It tugs at my conscience if I am to be honest. Thanks for this.

  • Olutosin
    Mar 04
    Mar 04

    Oh How I love the story. Thanks so much for sharing. I do see street kids, I always support them after which I will say, please go to school or learn a skill.

  • Sophie Ngassa
    Mar 05
    Mar 05

    Hello, Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. I learned that we should not disregard others, no matter their situation. Happy the story ended well. 

  • Adanna
    Mar 07
    Mar 07

    Dear Minha,

    Thank you for sharing your story about Ram.


  • Hello, Minha,

    I love how Ram and his newfound brother are so pure that only kindness exudes in their humanity. Children can teach us a lot. Thank you for sharing their story.