Peace Makers ..The 13 Indigenous GrandMothers council.Natural Earth Pigments Painting on a 9 by 5 feet canvas,please visit :
  • Peace Makers ..The 13 Indigenous GrandMothers council.Natural Earth Pigments Painting on a 9 by 5 feet canvas,please visit :

"At the beginning the seed of Life was in the Heart. Then it went further down. We created you from Our Heart." Said the stone I was holding

Crisp Winter afternoon...Snow melting in the sunlight.... A stream of pristine water jumping down the hill, singing its freedom in shiny laughter...

A little girl enchanted by so much Beauty... Joy... Something magic...Divine ...Deeply touching..Yet so simple...Earth's Life.... Source of All Beyond understanding....connecting with Nature and all life...Remembering... she couldn't talk about it...

Since then her eyes would see the magnificence of Mother Nature.. Everywhere ...Always...

Black ..Light...Black.. Fireflies in spooky nights... Red ,orange,golden brown,flamboyant desert rocks ... Dancing turkey vultures around her.... Ever changing snow white.. Grey wolf looking deep into her eyes.... Dark green seaweed ,golden beach and blue marine ocean making love Swimming embraced by a manatee ,her son in her womb...remembering..all one...

She grew ...learning the ancestral tradition of Natural Earth Pigment Painting Decorative Painting Creating beauty from Beauty Herself Harmonious and healthy living space... Home healing

Sometimes feeling the suffering off all, Always praying for guidance....

Today I use my painting skills infused with Spirit's guidance to support the waking up : The Importance of respecting and reconnecting with Spirit,Earth and all living creatures born through Her. One Absolute essence for Life's survival . Now.

In gratitude to Spirit ,Earth and Life Minouche

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Hi Minouche,

I love all of the images in your poetry... of "the grey wolf looking deep into her eyes," the "fireflies in spooky nights." Is this your painting of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers? It is beautiful!

Thank you for sharing.

Warm regards, Jade

Thank you Jade for your warm comment ..All the " images " in my poetry are actual experiences in my life ...and yes I painted the 13 indegenous grandmothers council ...was Spirit guidance who lead me to do it .. Blessings Minouche

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I'm reading your beautiful poem one day after I watched a piece on Bill Moyers Journal (PBS) about Poets House, in New York City. When asked why people turn to poetry, especially in times of crisis, Lee Briccetti replied:

"Why did people turn to poetry after September 11th? Right? It's a good question. But it's-- you almost forget that language is central to our identity as human beings and poetry is central to language. Every culture has a poetry. And I believe that when people in the caves were blowing paint into the imprints of their hands, they were also chanting words to go with that. It goes very, very deep into the essence of what we are as human beings." (You can watch the video or read the transcript here:

Thank you for sharing the words that illustrate the essence of being connected to land and earth.