Introducing myself and my journal: Living a life that is comfortable in your own skin

Miss Platinum
Posted October 21, 2012 from South Africa

About Me: I am a beautiful woman, a woman with hopes, dreams and aspirations to build a better world. I live for fairness and equality. I live for woman that has been through depts of darkness, and are looking for a hand to reach out to, women that lives under shadows and needs to break free, woman thats being supressed by the choices that makes them happy and has to resort to those of the world today... I am a woman that breaks free and stand for who i really am. I live for what makes me happy, and strive to live a life which can serve as a simbol to woman who are yet to discover themselves...i strive to live a life to be used as an example.

My Passions: Making a better world for women of all races, religious vewies and sexual preferences.

My Challenges: the views of woman but certain men

My Vision for the Future: Having an organistion looking at th needs of women

My Areas of Expertise: life

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  • Jennifer Yi
    Nov 15, 2012
    Nov 15, 2012

    Hi Miss Platinum,

    Hello and welcome to the community. It sounds like you want to start an organization focusing on women's needs. Are there many in South Africa?

    It is always tough to start one from the ground up, but sometimes, when you have enough people who want to join you, it's not so bad. If you have not already, there are plenty of women here from South Africa in particular that you might be interested in connecting with, and they're listed here:

    You can also make a post in our Resource Exchange so that people know that you have a need! You can click here to do that:

    If you would like some additional tips on making the most of what our site has to offer I encourage you to look through our Getting Started Guide, available here:

    Also, I would like to encourage you to watch a newly released short video which features bold and amazing World Pulse women speak out. I hope you like it - available here:

    Thanks again for joining with us, Miss Platinum.

    Kind regards,

    Jennifer World Pulse Online Community Management Volunteer