Introducing myself and my journal: Woman with a Mission

Posted December 14, 2010 from Kenya

About Me: Paula Thayrow is a professional writer, public speaker, and a home business expert and trainer. She works with women who have an interest in creating a successful online business. With Paula, all they need is a willingness to learn, an internet connection and access to a computer. She welcomes women who do not have a large capital base (as most women in the world often are) and those who do not even have a capital base at all.

Paula has a mission; to amplify the voice of women as the foundational value givers of the society. Not to be foundational value givers only by default because they are mothers and that is what mothers do (which is both wonderful and noble); but to be foundational value givers as the spiritual tempo of the earth – simply as women.

An individual's voice on the earth is heard in direct proportion to their financial independence. Women have lost their voice in the loud drumbeat of the male dominated money economy, and so their role as the direction givers of the world's value system is lost too.

My mission is to work with as many women as are interested in turning their money world around to do so through the internet, in the most non-invasive yet most powerful way known to man, that no man will ever dispute, bar, nor question.

Income with a mission is about women regaining the power to be heard at home, and on the earth, because they are financially independent.

Paula carries out this mission through writing, public speaking, and training women to start and run a successful online business.

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My Passions: Seeing an empowered woman laugh from the heart

My Challenges: Developing materials that help women to see themselves as powerful beings

My Vision for the Future: To build an all-girls finishing school for ladies that are financially astute, are mothers, and have no conflict in making both roles work

My Areas of Expertise: Writing, online business, public speaking, encouragement

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