I can be proud of myself and my life as i have spent all these 20 years of my life smoothly, passing in every single exam in my life. I have fullfilled many of my dreams living in a very congenial environment with my family. i did not have to ask for anything, moreover myriads of oppertunities aroused in my life. One of them is to stay in the beautiful London city with my family. Again, i had a great oppertunity to study in a good school, spending my half of the life in an environment like Chittagong University. i really have to admit that, i am really lucky having all these great oppertunities. How many people around me get all these oppertunities? Myriads of poeple around me are derived of their fundamental needs also. Regarding, all these, i think i have been lucky all these years and still having so much great oppertuinities. But, now the question arise how well i used these oppertunities. well, if i see myself as a 18 years old kid, i will see i have achieved many things but failed to take the most important things. As a teenager i was a good student but was a gutless creature. i was quite myopic also. To me most of the ideas for practical life were vague.I did not have the ability to think critically as we were not encouraged to think critically. Truly speaking the way we were imparted knowledge made us feeble. I feel really sorry and laugh at myself when i think how much i used to hate literature. However,literauture has become one of favourite subject as i find the total fredoom here, to think as broad as i can and express my own thoughts logically. the funny thing is that, the consequence was totally opposite in the past as we were confined with our thought reading others note and most of the time find it difficult to digest the high thoughts of others. So, don't you think you will be fed up with the subject where you have to regurgitate others ideas whether you ahve the chance express yourself. I was really myopic.

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Warm greetings! Based on your membership in the Voices of Our Future applicants group I was assigned to evaluate your assignment for week one. However, it does not appear you completed it.

Please confirm if you were planning to participate in this application process.

Thank you, Jennifer

Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations

Hello Mitu

You have said about you , you said about your weakness but I can see that you did the best job that many people can not do. I think this is more important to think about life and judge myselft than to see the success.

Your way of experssing yourself encourage me to look at myself. Thanks my friend to give me a chance to think about that.

with love



Hi Mitu,

Thanks for sharing your experience. I've had these very same thoughts too, especially as a young adult.

I love the fact that you are making a start at expressing YOUR OWN thoughts here on PulseWire. Now that you've introduced yourself to us, and we know that you're a free thinker, I look forward to your future blogs about literature or whatever is inciting you in your life.

If you chose to continue as a Voices of the Future applicant, I would encourage you to read and follow the instructions a bit closer. I think you have potential to be a World Pulse Voices of the Future--- it's up to you to write like you are, and really feel it too.

Good luck, Cynthia

Cynthia Casas