Introducing myself and my journal: About a humanist

Posted July 24, 2011 from United States

About Me: It is interesting that the underprivileged are supposed to work hard, not complain about their station in life, always seek to serve. The overprivileged however are not expected to produce anything, serve anyone. There job is apparently to just "be". As I write this my spell checker is telling me there is no word "overpriviliged". Even the computer suggests that one can never have too much.

I do believe one can have too much, or at least more than they need. That is why cups run over, river banks spill into tributaries, and our bellies are sometimes full. The difference is what can one do about it. I guess it's easy to speak on spreading wealth when you have none. We shall see.

My Passions: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

My Challenges: Life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness

My Vision for the Future: To be a contributor to the human condition

My Areas of Expertise: I am observant, and seek balance and efficiency

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  • Yvette Warren
    Sep 25, 2014
    Sep 25, 2014

    Hello from World Pulse.

    You have reached out to World Pulse, and we are grateful for your presence.

    I act as a volunteer World Pulse welcomer for new WP members and listener for other journal entries. This is some of the most exciting and rewarding work I've ever done. Through this effort, I have become a world volunteer.

    I am wondering whether you have found any World Pulse efforts that really stir you to action. Our searchable site has so many examples of females empowering each other through education and encouragement, that there is certain to have inspiration for all.

    We'd love to hear from you again.