At first, it sounded hilarious. It could not be possible, they said. Ebola is only in Eastern Africa. Then it hit us with a force. Some people blamed it on the mythical "Queen Sheba" while others concluded that people were dying because international workers were injecting them with poison. It was impossible to move from one end of Monrovia to the next without seeing a dead body lying by the roadside. In the morning talk shows were filled with people complaining that they had been calling the emergency line but had not gotten any response. Roadblocks were set up by angry community members anxious to get the dead out of their neighborhoods.Infact, so anxious to the point that they were willing to infect themselves in the process. Thank God! The International Community heard us in conjunction with our efforts to let our fellow citizens know that Ebola was real. These days, we don't hear many sirens and we don't see the dead. Children are out of school. Thank you all for praying. We look forward to when we will be declared "Ebola Free"

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Hello Mmonbeydo - I can only imagine how this must have felt to you; to find that yes, indeed, your country, your city HAS been infected with this most deadly virus. You can be assured that the prayers of the world are with you as you face this crisis and we all look forward to the day your country is "Ebola free".

In love and peace, Terry

In Love and Peace,

Terry Mullins

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