About Me: Hello Everyone! This is May From Egypt.. I am a mother for two children.. My dream was big when I was still studying, I am a graduate from Arts English Department.. As soon as I finished, I got married and my dreams turned to wishes, as I quickly get pregnant.. Being mom is not easy at all, I have tried many times to apply for different jobs but it proved very difficult with babies around. I wish I will be able to continue studying one day and resume my masters. For now, I am dreaming I can have my own project that is very like me, I am dreaming of opening a day care nursery. This project will help me develop and strengthen my abilities and prove me capable of doing things. I don't have a capital to start with and this is for me a big challenge. My husband can't help since he is an accountant and his salary can't cover such expenses. I have big dreams and I will be able to make them come true one day. I am asking for donations and if anyone could help me in this I'll be more than thankful, your contribution will make a difference in my life and as soon as I can stand on my feet, I will donate back the money I got to someone else who can start as well to stand on his feet. Pray for me and help if you can. Regards,

My Passions: My kids

My Challenges: Capital startup

My Vision for the Future: project owner and TEFL expertise

My Areas of Expertise: Teaching English

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