Contemporary sound artist Margaret Noble brings George Orwell's classic dystopian novel 1984 into the future by transforming an original vinyl recording into a postmodern soundscape of modern media, original and sampled music, timeless news reports and more.

It started with a 1950's vinyl of broadcast radio—striking similarities between the Orwellian themes of propaganda, surveillance, torture and war eerily resounded with contemporary news reports. Confronting these parallels, Margaret Noble pulls samples from the original vinyl record and modern media to produce an experimental electronic music album. Instrumentation includes analogue synthesizer, beats, acoustic instruments, voice and field recordings. The result is a narrative experimental radio piece that insights uncomfortable, satirical and reflective tensions.

This project will be produced in three mediums: digital cd/download, 12 inch vinyl record pressing and a graphic arts companion book.

Funding will be used to complete mixing, mastering, design, publishing, vinyl pressing, marketing and a public outreach website. 100% of net proceeds will be donated to Amnesty International on an ongoing basis.

Once completed, this project will continue to give to Amnesty International without the need of further funding.

About the Kickstarter project site:

Funding is only supplied if 100% of the goal is met. If this project does not meet its funding goal then you will not be charged for your pledge. You can only bet on winners here! :-)

On the right you will see a list of rewards for pledging.

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Thank You!

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All the gud luck to you. All the best wishes to you.I hope you do succeed in your project and come out with flying colors. I wish you all the happiness and support to complete the project. Best wishes, Pooza