Since I had struggled with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis all of my life, in 2000, when I needed another hip replacement, I decided not to have general anesthesia. I was sick of being sick after surgery. I had a spinal block. The surgery became very complicated and the spinal wore off. The team offered to put me under for the remaining time in surgery. They said they could not give me enough narcotics to keep me out of horrible pain. I decided to stay awake with minimal IV meds. I asked the anesthesiologist to chant native american chants and to sing "Amazing Grace" with me. He had been raised Christian but had not been back to church in years. The nurses concurred. As the surgeon worked, I taught them all native chants and we all sang "Amazing Grace". The surgery continued, not for the hour expected, but for 3 more hours. Whenever the pain became excruciating, we chanted and sang and miracle of miracles, somehow the pain was lifted from me. I never suffered, except when we stopped chanting and singing. Later, in recovery, people from throughout the hospital staff, including the psychiatric and the reiki teams, came to visit me and to ask me how I was able to do that. I told them that I didn't do it; I didn't know how to do it: when we all worked together, Something More intervened on my behalf.

postscript: The anesthesiologist and nurses all went back to their forsaken religions thereafter.

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Wow, that gave me goosbumps. a very powerful experience, I imagine. its hard to not believe in miracles after a recount like that. This story told of a miracle in its truest form. very moving!

tghank you for your comment, karl. it honestly blew the hospital staff away. i was in recovery only a short time, since i did not have anesthesia, and when i got back in my room i was bombarded with staff from all over the hospital for the next few days while i was still there, all wanting me to teach them. people came and spoke of faiths abandoned, loneliness, and others of spiritual experiences they had...honestly, it was overwhelming as i was exhausted from major surgery, but it all worked out.

this is just one of the experiences i have had. i am thinking of writing a book.

...the inspiration you helped give to those in the hospital that day. I think so many people enter the medical field wanting to really help others and I'm not sure many of them get to feel like they are an actual part of the healing process. What a gift for all. Were you as surprised as everyone else? Please write a book so I can read about what other experiences you've had! Thank You, Caitlin

thank you for writing me, caitlin. i want to write a book and start but i know nothing about the business process involved...that is the real challenge. should i self publish or not? i just don't know. candace

Hi Mohawk,

Your story is truly miraculous. I really like the way it highlights the power of song and unity to get us through intensely painful and difficult situations.

Thank you for sharing this.


"A writer’s job is to tell stories that connect readers to all the people on earth... Passionate and well-articulated ideas can and do change the world." ~~Mary Pipher

thank you for your thoughts, ruth. thank you for pointing out for me that it highlights the power of song and unity in these situations. i never think of this because i am mohawk and it is so traditional to unite in song when troubles abound that i don't even think of it....i forget that i live in a world where this is not common and individualism is all most people know. thank you for bringing this into my mind's eye. candace