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Silence ! The Court Is in Session Shantata ! Court Chalu Aahe

Hon. Bombay High Court Room No. 43 – Hon. Presiding Judges: Hon. Justice Mr. P V Hardas ji & Hon. Justice Mrs. Mridula Bhatkar ji

My Hearing in Criminal Writ Petition No. 1857 of 2012: May 09, 2013 – Thursday – 4.45 PM -After my Arguments, the Learned APP starts the arguments… Hon. Justice Mr. P V Hardas ji says to the Learned APP “The Court has heard everything …just tell us…Why did the Police Arrest Petitioners Mohini Kamwani & Dilip Kamwani on January 25, 2012…when Mohini Kamwani had given a Clear Written Undertaking to Azad Maidan Police on January 24, 2012…that she will Not Break any Law & Not Commit Suicide …& she has ended her Hunger Strike & gone home to Vashi, Navi Mumbai…How was she an IMMINENT Threat to the State”???!!! And… “Tell us also about D. K. Basu case Violations of Hon. Supreme Court Arrest Directives … where are Signatures of Arrestees on Arrest Panchnama/Form/Memo …the Court has Perused the Station Diary … there are no Entries… Petitioners Relatives Not Informed about their Arrest” ???!!! May 10, 2013 – Friday – 4.30 PM - The Hon. Justices announced “The Final Judgment will be delivered after the Court Holidays”. 10 Hon. Judges have Heard my Case …Yes …10 Hon. Judges have Changed in 11 Months in my Case… I Respect the Hon. Bombay High Court & Hon. BHC Justices & have Full Faith in the Indian Judiciary & I am sure Full Justice will be done to me by the Hon. BHC Justices in their Final Judgment. Please Note: I am writing this on my FB, because Media is Not Reporting my Court Case (Media GAGGED ?),… like they Report all other cases-evreyday !!! Now…after above mentioned Observations by the Hon. Justices + 2 earlier Hon. BHC Orders … dated November 20 & 23, 2012 … I have Full Faith in God … that I will get Justice. Police did not Read me my Arresting Rights…but…I wanna Read them their…’Last Rites’… ”You have the Right to remain Silent…anything you Say (LIE)…+…especially if you File False Sworn Affidavits (which they have done), could be used against you in the Hon. Court…as it is Contempt of Court & Perjury… You have the Right to engage a Lawyer…Not a ‘Liar’ (no ref to the Learned APP, becoz APP only acts on Police Instructions)” !!! God Blaze them … Corrupt Cops !!!

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Dear Mohini thank you for the update. I know we have to struggle and fight for us to be able to get Justice but from what you have reported, i am positive that the Justices will ensure that Justice prevails. Please keep us posted on the judgement of the case. You have done well to report the matter on behalf of the media, continue to post. Stay blessed my dear sister

Mrs. Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi Head of Legal and Advocacy Centre for Batwa Minorities a.kiddu@gmail.com cfmlegal@gmail.com Skype: mrs_muhanguzi