Year 2018, Active participations and actions in my mind

Mojisola Adewumi
Posted January 3, 2018 from Nigeria

I've always liked looking up to the new year to take actions . New year had always helps me to reflect on what we've been through as an individual,organizations, nation or continent, and prepare for what's ahead. Ending a particular year, as a periodic opportunity to take action .

There is a lot of challenges in this last year, am deeply touched of economy recession, forex problems and inflations in my country Nigeria, that leads to the surge of human trafficking and the increased rate of modern slavery among girls and women .

Part of my mission in 2018 and the action we are undertaking with our  campaign to bring employment training and jobs to vulnerable survivors of human  trafficking and modern slavery  across Nigeria.

More than anything, that's what's needed now the collaborations of every individual and organizations who wants to see a better future for our generation. The kind of collective action that has always driven social change's. And even in the face of uncertainty, it's those kinds of actions from 2018 that I'll live to remember for.

This post was submitted in response to Ushering in Peace in 2018.

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