after an extraordinarily busy week, i finally sat down to do all my assignments as a listener. i didn't really know what to expect, as the first topic (web 2.0) seemed a bit mundane. i certainly didn't expect so much diversity and expression from this assignment. what i found, though, was really inspiring: women truly embracing this medium as a means to share and connect, to hear and be heard. i am so honored to be a part of such an amazing project. so many people shun technology as being anti-traditional, but in reality, with the right tools, technology can also be seen as a means both to uphold traditions and to make new ones. web 2.0 and media sites such as pulsewire really give us a way to learn about each other, and by extension, ourselves.

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Oh, I thought it was kind of interesting and loved everyone's posts about web2.0 and agree each had a unique viewpoint that made it interesting to read. I loved the personal story part as well since it is interesting to me why a person decides to do this.

But this next one, ugh, I dont like blogs, I never read them and just ugh! I tried to let my imagination run wild last night but gave myself a headache so will try again after work or tomorrow...

I wanted to say it was interesting reading the listeners comments on the posts!


Maria, it was funny to read your comment as without you realizing it, you have been writing a blog all along with your journal. And what an amazing job you have been doing. Blogs take all forms and can be boring, but can also inspire, motivate and provoke thought as everyone's blogs (journals) here do. So, in your assignment, where it says the word "blog", just substitute the words "writing a journal". I have a strong feeling that you'll be off and running with ideas before you know it.

Laughing Out Loud with you to read your comment! I don't think I could have said it better than Janice.

This program has been generously funded by a foundation. It just so happens I have been writing our first progress report today. I want to share a little of our report:

Transformation begins with the application, which is a unique, month-long interactive process that fully embodies the spirit of Web 2.0 and new media. By the end of this process, which is currently underway, over 150 applicants will be introduced to the political landscape of media and women's empowerment, web 2.0 concepts, opportunities provided by new media, the basics of blogging, tools for maintaining online security and a framework for self-empowerment.The goal of the application is to not only to select our Correspondents, but to also place applicants of varying backgrounds and education on more equal footing. This is done by providing a safe and nurturing space to learn, connect, collaborate, and be heard.

I share this paragraph to say, "We get it." Notice how we use the term, "Journals" on PulseWire instead on "blogs?" The terms and concepts of web 2.0 are so ugh! But we want the tools that are out there to be accessible for everyone, which means starting with the concepts and commonly accepted terms, including blogging.

So, be sure and tell your daughters that you are an official "international blogger." Oh My! You will be the coolest mom on the block.

Love, Jennifer

p.s. Your feedback is well taken and will be considered as we evaluate the application for next year. THANK YOU for voicing your thoughts.

Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations

I am so glad that you have found the experience of listening to our VOF applicants' stories so rewarding. It really has been such an inspiring week for all the listeners who came to the table with uncertainty and perhaps a little apprehension, but have embraced the opportunity with such enthusiasm. I would love it if you would post your above journal entry to the VOF Listeners group journal as I know that all the other listeners would so enjoy reading this post. Thank you for all the wonderful listening you have been doing, the insightful feedback and interest in the program. I hope it continues to be a positive experience for you. Janice PulseWire Community Director

Questioned myself on why you posted the VOF listening, as I didn't get the meaning, but as I spied on the comment you and others wrote on you small masterpiece, I realized that you have been reading others' posts and that is what you meant by listener. Did I just find my own answer? :)

With best wishes, Victoria

WorldPulse Community Champion

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