Vision: To make the world a better place for rural young mothers and children, a world free of violence and poverty.

Mission: To improve the quality of life of women and children especially women of child bearing age in rural communities through empowerment in order to utilize, indigenize and safeguard their potentials.

Studies have shown that, great majority of our women today in rural areas become economically dependent on their male counterpart and that is why a lot if them still don’t have access to certain services due to poverty and their dependency on their husbands

However, Moms Club international Nigeria a non governmental organisation that is focused on rural women (young mothers) developed an initiative tagged “MOMS INITIATIVE FOR POVERTY REDUCTION” the activities contained within this initiative have been designed to firstly empower women by promoting and encouraging rural self help group and build their organizational skills in managing association. The young mothers will further be trained to manage income generating activities.

This initiative has been used mostly in riverine communities in the South eastern part of Nigerian and we have succeeded in empowering 30 young mothers (15years- 35 years) from each of these communities without any external help. The initiative have gone a long way to improving on the revenue of these rural young mothers through assistance in the realization of income generating activities.


(1) Young mothers face a unique challenge with HIV/AIDS especially due to the Nigerian patriarchal system, therefore their economic empowerment will help them to fight against HIV/AIDS and empower them to take decision on their sexual right.

(2) The initiative will provide them with the information and opportunities to be active participants in all areas of the community development.

(3) Young mothers’ economic power is increased.

(4) Access to their reproductive health will be facilitated

(5) Their access to loan and inputs will be encouraged.

(6) Empowering young mothers in rural communities will reduce household poverty in the community.

Mrs Juliana Ngozi Okeke President Moms Club International Nigeria.

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Hi, This is really an amazing club and brave steps that you took. In rural of my country Bangladesh, these problems are very sever so, Bangladesh as well as other countries which have the same problems like these should organized clubs like this. I really support and optimistic that this club make a huge change in the rural area. However, I have one question that are you planning to involve male persons to make this club or project successful? As in a patriarch society women are influenced and most of the time have to obey their husband or father. I look forward to hearing from you more about the success and challenges of this club. Hope you will post some more information and successful stories in your journal soon. Thank you, Umme Mahbuba.

To be honest with you,when we started this initiative,their men was not cooperating and this effected the turn out of the women as they were been discouraged from attending such trainings.

We tried to use another approach by involving their traditional rulers and community leaders (PGs) we made them patrons of the club and they accepted,seeing their selves as part of the club. The patrons who are mainly their traditional rulers and community leaders (PGs) used their position to select the women that will be trained and at the end of the training,other women including their husband were eager to be part of the initiative.


Hello Juliana,

Thanks for sharing with us the work of Moms Club International Nigeria. It is great that you are able to support young rural mothers to build their organisational and income generating skills to improve quality of life and safeguard women from violence.

Best wishes,