About Me: Supporting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Agendas, specially through Community Engagement, especially in schools, museums and prisons. Storytelling which brings Human Rights alive.

WHO ME? I FEMME SAGE I woman of Africa, an only self, a soul self. From a continent of wisdom raped by greed I come, where the womb of Earth Mother forever bleeds from open wounds left by ravaging predators. In my DNA lies imprinted the hunger which also runs in the sap of seedlings struggling to survive, where no hope is left amongst the remnants of despair. Born into the night of Apartheid, I hide my bruises while I proudly give, in the name of the saint whose name I bear, vigilance and care, watching out for sons and daughters struggling through the sharpness of violence and abuse. I move to the beat, and I sing a song of strength, whose rhythm dispels the discontent of anguish and of loss. From the Rainbow Nation I come, where, in shadows where the sun can’t reach, are found ancient germs of superstition, which multiply in colonies of darkness and abuse, under clouds of misinformation. From a continent I come, where the innocence of little girls and boys is sacrificed to the evil of man, who think they can avoid the consequences of their sins. Old and wise, young and foolish, giving and taking, loved and despised, I walk my path, born of earth's goodness, through the mire I walk With my head held high, with my little light Determined to shine and to break the cycle of violence and abuse. I love. I respect. I serve. I fight. I Monica.

My Passions: We have a duty to speak up against violence, abuse and prejudice, against demeaning language, jokes, the use of stereotypes, against discrimination of any type or form.

My Challenges: Knowing how to speak, when to speak

My Vision for the Future: A world where children are the most revered and protected species on earth

My Areas of Expertise: Workshops and Training on Equality, Diveristy and Inclusion. Storytelling whcih brings Human Rights alive. Empowering women at grassroots level. Apartheid Stories

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Your profile is interesting, you are welcome to World Pulse, a global media and communication network devoted to bringing women a global voice. World Pulse is a home where you make a lot of friends who are always ready to help you make your voice heard. Get started and speak for yourself and your community so as to bring a change. I look forward your reading your stories.


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''