About Me: I´'m bolivian, and I work as a journalist since 1998, now Im working in a weekly magazine called ¡OH!, from Los Tiempos and I'm a permanent collaborator from Extra Magazine from El Deber. I'm a protographer and an editor. I work with health, social and environment issues

My Passions: Write, read, take photos, travel

My Challenges: To encourages health, social and environment issues in my work

My Vision for the Future: I want to travle, lear a lot, and try to shared my knowleges with my colleagues

My Areas of Expertise: Healt, Social, Political, Environment

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I share your passions; I think you will find many others on PulseWire that share them as well. I trust that you will make wonderful connections here.

I have recently picked up my camera again after a long separation. I missed it! Do you like digital photography? I can't get over making my own prints the chemical and paper way- I love every part of the process. Maybe one day I will join the age of digital photography but for now I am happy spending nights in the darkroom.


Welcome to PulseWire. I too love to take photographs and like Jenna, am still using film. It's amazing how differently the world can look through the eye of a camera lens. I encourage you to post some of your photos on your journal so that we can all see your work. I think you will find many members here that share your interests. Hey, maybe you or Jenna can start a Photography group to highlight some of the issues surrounding us. How powerful it would be to share your voice through images, as well as words.