I would like to thank journalists and the good work they are doing to enlighten us but there is something that doesn't impress me with the media, the issue of bias in highlighting women issues. We only hear of bad things about women very little positive, I stand to be corrected on this but media houses are biased and like highlighting about men than women this is where gender balance comes in. I do not know if they are paid by men to highlight issues. I would like to hear more on women issues we need to share this piece of cake equally otherwise we are starving I am sick and tired of hearing the same old story of women being lesser beings. To me women can do what men are doing or even better.

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I've noticed this myself, so have many other feminists have noticed this too. Gender bias is at it's worst when it's subtle, don't you agree? Which is why coming here to sites like these are a way to get away from it all and just get REAL information. Thanks for sharing.