Transparency is an ingredient that has always lacked in many polls more especially in our African continent due to dictatorship. Our leaders tells us all sorts of things when they want our votes but when they get to the house in the hill they forget very first and turn to monsters. They promise us all sorts of things. They use our problems as campaign platforms. One case is drought in my area Ukambani. Leaders come promising to ding boreholes and improve the lives of the people but after the election that is buried only to resurrect in the coming polls, shame on them. It has been happening since independence. The electoral commissions should be independent bodies that are not answerable to anyone but the people if we are to experience any sort of democracy. I was angered alot by polls in Kenya in 2007 when dictatorship, cheating took centre stage and robed us of our rightfully elected leader. I am very sad upto this day knowing that we were robed of our chance to see change.Greed is a catalyst of dictatorship and once one is in that seat they dont think straight and ignore the plight of the Mwanainchi "citizens". The recent polls in South Africa are a good example of democracy at its best and I hope many African countries can emulate that because we are still living in the dark. Who will transform our leaders I wonder what they talk about while in the so called gatherings it will only take divine intervention to transform them. Have your say.