Aftermath of childbirth a Kenyan perspective

Monicah Nzule
Posted June 9, 2009 from Kenya

Child birth is one traumatizing period in a woman life. Once one has given birth to the young one the pain and agony is easily forgotten. Once one sees the child another union is born but that is not the case for some women in Kenya. There is one notorious hospital where once you are admitted you are NOT likely to come out with a baby. There is a business going on between nurses and some people who buy new borns for a good amount of money the mothers are told that their kids are death without even being shown their bodies. Some nurses are even very rude telling the mothers not ask for the bodies for they never gave them coffins to put the death. It is so humiliating because the government knows about it and has done nothing to arrest the situation. People go there because they cannot afford quality heathcare services. The nurses do not take care of the women there, one can easily die in labour, they shout all sorts of insults and leave them writhing with pain to give birth on their own. There is no difference between giving birth at home or going to hospital. Once the baby is born it is nowhere to be see. Does anyone have an idea what one feels for going nine month with difficult and painful childbirth and with nothing to show, it hurts me a lot once I think about it. It is because of negligence of our professionals who do not understand the trade. Something must be done to stop this inhuman act that deprives mothers their joy of embracing their kids that lets them forget the agony of child birth.

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