one of the idp camps in eldoret show ground
  • one of the idp camps in eldoret show ground

As much as we cry for the rains someone out there in the IDP camps is praying for the it not to rains because of what they are going through. They are living in torn tends with all that cold. I sincerely want it to rain because of the water shortage, power rationing and drought in general but when I think about those IDPs I cant help but have mercy on them because in rainy seasons their houses are a living hell. Nowhere to cook or even sleep. They have even stated clearly that they wont allow those officers carrying out the census in their house for they do not understand how the government could be spending so much on the exercise and they are suffering as if they are not Kenyans. I thing Sir God has a had decision to make in opening the floor gates of heaven or even shutting them.