Solidarity is urgent to reduce disasters’ despair and tragedy

Monu Gupta
Posted December 11, 2010 from Bangladesh

Friends, In Cancun, Mexico, where UN delegates around the world are spending hours until today the closing day of conference with debating about what to be done to face the crucial fact of climate change. The delegates yet not come to a details guideline for the purpose. Unfortunately they everyone seems have forgotten the climate is changing much faster than these negotiations are moving and since the negotiations began, climate disasters have struck again all over the world as flooding in Australia, Venezuela, the Balkans, Columbia, India; wildfires in Israel, Lebanon, Tibet; freak winter storms in Europe and the United States. Hundreds of innocent people were died, and hundreds of thousands have been affected where maximum numbers were women and children. Because, climate change is severely affected women and children’s lives first then men and truly they becomes victim in many ways pre-during-post disasters period. Therefore friends around the world stand together fast to save women and children’s’ lives foremost and to protect the civilization as well. Solidarity is urgent to reduce disasters’ despair and tragedy.

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