People get back what they give

Monu Gupta
Posted August 19, 2013 from Bangladesh
A very unbelievable killing incident held in Dhaka Bangladesh very recently. A Police Inspector couple had been murdered brutally by the hands of their 16-17 yrs old daughter (Oishee) at their own house with the help of domestic helper (girl) about 10-11 yrs. The incident has reached at the top of the country. Suspected accused of the doe murder, Oishee is now under Police custody and the legal procedures already started accordingly. In reference to the Police press briefing and other media sources as are presenting ill fated Oishee as murderer of her parents and unfortunately dealing with her as if they do to a professional killer. Rarely think about to maintain minimum norms and ethics and the merits of existing laws (Children Act, 2013) related to Juvenile crime. Oishee is an adolescent and her school source (Oxford International) has produced her date of birth is August 17, 1996. Oishee, you are truly an unlucky girl in my country. You did not have love from your parents and are not getting love from people of the country now. In addition, almost all social and communication media houses are now competitively doing their business with publishing colorful details (few very questioned) of the incident. However, according to sources of different media, peoples thought you as are a killer (subject to prove). I don’t know how many people feel as you belongs to the most love deprive girl in Bangladesh. You are only 16/17 yrs old, when you were needed unlimited love from your parents as friend as guide during the period of adolescent as you are now belongs to. You might have got everything other than friendship, ethical learning of a Bangali family and love from your dearest pair of parents. Perhaps, your parents did not know life is like an echo. People get back what they give. Oishee you would be realized some day during your adult life what were due to grown-up properly and what the present society did not serve you. You also would know that it’s very easy to be father and mother but extremely hard to build their children as ideal father–mother. You will be familiar with the social history too, once upon a time, Bangladesh was remarkable and honored for the nature of family tie as maintaining and cultural heritages in practice but these are becoming lost very fast. In those places, ugly corporate culture and consumerist social families has placed. In these statuses, everything is often valued as market items like the commodities of life. Sorry to say the term LOVE also means a supply at present and mostly ethics, morals, honesty etc. are treated back-dated sentiments. Horribly, the on going social wave is transmitted quickly across the country. It resulted, in our society, by and large parents are like to earn only money-money and money legally and or illegally whatever the ways of earning are. They a lot madly feels that only money bring happiness and the mountain of reserved assets would bring happiness to their children’s future life but saddest does not feel to be an ideal parents to their children. Oishee you might get enough money from your parents but regrettably you did not obtain any universal ethical learning, family morals and or how love to get as well as to give. These are specifically essential to children to learn from their parents first and from the concerned society next that were owing to you too. Oishee you have born in a beautiful country Bangladesh but the society did not serve you as it should be to be lovely an Oishee. As a juvenile crime, you might be punished (subject to prove) but I don’t know how you forgive the today’s society of Bangladesh as the society has failed to build you when you would be taken fresh air under the blue sky of green Bangladesh. I beg apology. Please forgive me sweet Oishee.

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  • Wendy Stebbins
    Aug 20, 2013
    Aug 20, 2013

    Hi Monu,

    I admire you for raising a very controversial and debatable issue that we also struggle with in the USA. So, we are partners in this in terms of understanding what is real and what isn't. Some people are born a certain way and no matter what their parents, the community or the country does, they will turn out wrong. And then there are others who are born into the WORST possible environment, of the worst parents, teachers and society and yet they REFUSE to be defeated. They are the heroes of the world. I am not God so it is not for me to say, who is right and who is wrong. I do feel as a human being it is my responsibility to understand and not to judge. And to applaud those who choose to make something good of themselves no matter what they were born into or what has been done to them. I know what I talk about. I am one of them.

    Ubuntu (I am who I am because of who we are together),