May a chance took me here, any way is a good chance. So , What I willing to do first is not to defense Women. Women will never stop Snatch their rights from human being. But I'll share my Idea and My concept about Islam in the field of Women rights. already I'd tow blogs published in In Arabic. I'll Divide them and share in English Series. I hope to get a satisfied work.

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Hello Mostafa, Welcome to the online community here at World Pulse. I look forward to hearing more about your thoughts and actions in the field of women's rights. I tried looking at your blog, but the Google Translation of Arabic into English is not very good.

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Scott Beck

I'm so pleased to receive my first comment. and more glad to be from you, scott really I've 3 daughters and a wife.We are a very happy family.But I've a fear about them and their future. So I can't stay Idly while my society thinking far from his right principals and learning thinking that they do best.

your comment encourage me

thank you very much

Yes, you're right, we can't sit idly while the women we care about are threatened and harassed every day. I am pleased to see you here and hope you'll speak up more about what men in Egypt can do, and are doing, to make the country better for women.

Kind regards,

Scott Beck