As an overview of what you'll be looking for in the assignments, please take note of this list.

What are the criteria for being chosen as a Voices of Our Future Correspondent?



  • Originality and descriptiveness of posts, including willingness to express your personal opinions on current events and share stories from your life and community. We want your voice to be heard!
  • A clear, engaging description of the issues at hand and your ability to draw the reader into the stories described.
  • Adventurous use of PulseWire, including active engagement with other users. This might include writing in your online journal, commenting on others posts, joining and engaging in groups, posting needs, resources, and supporting others.
  • Positive, solutions-oriented leadership with a vision for how to improve problems faced.
  • These criteria will be crafted into questions for you to answer after each reading you do. The applicants have seen this list too, so I am sure we will see some stellar entries!

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    "Even though week four gives just a high level snapshot of Gail and David's training, I know that the Applicants will take these ideas and run in the sun with their vision!"

    It really helps out to get the hints from what other people say or write on the web page, even not all the info is open to you or there are no resources for a follow up. One should apply Critical Thinking we can still take a small sunbathe, rather than get burned staying to much under it. :) (Being Sarcastic or what you think?)


    With best wishes, Victoria

    WorldPulse Community Champion

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