If I alone dream for a positive world, will it work? The answer is, “No.” Even if I know all the ways for a positive change, will it work? The answer would still be “No.” The key point is positive change requires collective action.

I have to share my dream and knowledge with others so that we can fight together against all the injustices. It’s true that we have various means to share our ideas with others. We have newspaper, books, television, radio and many more things to change our views. But those are not always interactive. Also all these are not for general people. You have to be writers, journalists, artists, producers, or an expert in a relevant career track. But Web 2.0 is unique, where ordinary (non-specialist) people and their voices can be heard too. That’s the most exciting thing about Web 2.0.

It’s difficult to define the solution in a word for women empowerment. Also it’s not easy to have a solution. Women empowerment is a journey where we all are the travelers. It’s really difficult to tell the ending or solution of a journey at the beginning. Still it can be said that the Web 2.0 can bring solutions at least for those women who want to speak for themselves, who want to share their experiences, sufferings with others. In a sense, Web 2.0 is a solution for them because they can do it through Web 2.0. It’s also part of women empowerment.

I am writing, thinking for Bangladeshi women through Bangladeshi media. Through Web 2.0 I will share my views with others women from different parts of the world. This interactive international communication process would make me more confident and active about women’s issues. I strongly believe it will be part of a long term process to effect women empowerment in Bangladesh.

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Hi mridula!

I love your call to join together to create a better world! You are right that Web 2.0 is a resource that is accessible to so many and gives so many people, especially women, a voice to share their message with the world. It gives all of us a voice, no matter who we are! How do you feel Web 2.0 has empowered you as a woman? Is Web 2.0 used by many woman you know in Bangladesh? It's great that we are able to share our stories with each other coming from all parts of the world. I look forward to hearing more about your experiences and ideas!

Cheers, Megan

Hello Megan, It's really nice to talk with you from far far away. It's also interesting to me that how internet can transform an unknown person to a very known person(just like you)! I have seen from the page that some others women from Bangladesh are using this site too.It's really nice! I guess most of them are from a specific University. Just now I cann't remember the name. But for sure we will be in touch thorugh this page. Take care Mridula

Thanks for your post Mridula. Joining together in the journey towards global women's empowerment will certainly get us there more swiftly. Our collective voice speaks volumes! It is most exciting that everyone can have a voice with Web 2.0. As you discussed, it invites "ordinary" citizens to offer their extraordinary voices in the movement. I can't wait to see where this journey takes us. I would love to hear more about how Web 2.0 is influencing and /or informing you specifically. Share your stories, your voice, your vision!

moving forward! Laura

Thank you Laura for your inspiring comment. Just now you can say me as a silent reader of World Pulse. I am learning,I am feeling and also getting more and more information day by day. To be very honest I am feeling that me and Bangladeshi women are not alone who are struggling for their right. Same struggle is going on for all women over the world. We have to fight,we have to speak and we will see the light for sure at the end of the path. It's true that it's taking time...but it will happen! Take care Mridula