About Me: I am 24 years old and currently in my final trimester at Kenya Methodist university pursueing a bachelor's degree in Theology and Mission studies

My Passions: working for and with the less fortunate especially the youth

My Challenges: most of the systems eg.the family, church and the society are maintaining a status quo on the less fortunate youth

My Vision for the Future: To have system that sees the potential that is being redirected into frusration by ignoring the less fortunate youth

My Areas of Expertise: Teaching and I also posses a natural instinct on music and poetry

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My grandpa taught me an important lesson: 'Name sake, this home is very boring and dis-organized because the owner is away (bythen my parents had part ways and we were left home with dad).The woman is the owner of the home;know that before you marry.' From that day, I have known that to have a healthy nation we need healthy homes and to have healthy homes, we need healthy women socially, economically, politically and above all spiritually!