Introducing Mpumalanga Traditional Art Market

Posted July 6, 2010 from South Africa

My name is Nomvula Mashoai-Cook and I am the founder of the Mpumalanga Traditional Art Market. I focus on promoting South Africa’s rich cultural heritage from various community groups and organizations as grass-roots means to encourage sustainable job creation and economic development in the craft sector. I am proud to showcase a Traditional Art Market that focuses on the most important people: The Artisans. I am hoping to bring more artisan voices into this conversation and into this group!

More about the Mpumalanga Traditional Art Market:

Mpumalanga Traditional Art Market (MTAM), was launched in the idyllic setting of the Lowveld Botanical Gardens in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga; South Africa September in Celebration of Heritage Day. The Market is dedicated to promoting, preserving and encouraging the indigenous culture and heritage of the peoples of South Africa and the region. MTAM’s primary goals are:

•To honor our Artisans through the display of their Traditional Art, Crafts and Indigenous Skills knowledge ;

•To encourage the efforts and talents of Southern African Rural Artisans whilst addressing poverty through their quality workmanship;

•To position regional art forms as high end, high quality commodities are needed with great economic value to access foreign markets;

•Make a broader public aware of the rich variety of African Cultural Traditions, the value of diversity and continuity, and the obstacles impinging on our cultural practices.

In 2009 The Art pieces were selected from the following categories: Ndebele Murals, Mohair Tapestries, Basket Weaving, Beadwork, Indegenous Textile, Wood Carvings, Pottery and Wire art form. In 2010, we are following the same processes as we showcase our Master / Emerging Crafters in celebration and honouring their Craftsmanship.

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  • NatalieS
    Jan 07, 2011
    Jan 07, 2011

    How can I see pictures of what you are offering? And how can I make a purchase? Do you ship to the USA? Thanks.