I recently took this picture while taking a walk with my sister in my building garden. Nature and our beautiful surroundings always manage to open our hearts to beauty and love that we overlook otherwise.

This picture for me is about love, peace, joy, sunshine and everything simple yet powerful that exists around us. We need to arise and look beyond to appreciate the beauty of this earth and celebrate each moment of its uniqueness.

A simple imagery like this, helps us to sooth and heal. It helps us to appreciate more and complain less. It teaches us to love and be loved.


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. . . I so agree that even a moment to observe and 'experience' the astounding beauty of nature can give us a brief respite and an infusion of peace and joy.

With Appreciation,

  • Sarah

Sarah Whitten-Grigsby

You are always so generous with your comments. Thank you.

I look forward to reading your posts each time.


Mukut Ray

I really love this picture! Especially your description of why it means so much to you. India has so much opportunity to experience beauty, and to find the beauty through all the suffering. I love your country.


This is an invitation to visit my beautiful country. Please come and I shall be more than glad to show you around. Yes, lot of beauty, eclectic mix of cultures, colors and warmth comprise India.

Do come. Thank you so much for the lovely words.


Mukut Ray


I am absolutely thrilled that through VOF, I am to connect with warm and loving women like you. Thank you so much!

You are beautiful as well.


Mukut Ray

Here you go again Mukut, my sister and friend! I love the picture and thank you for reminding each and everyone of us to sometimes slow down, take in and appreciate NATURE.

I care! Greengirl

I love you and you know that. Lots and lots of love to you.

Please come and visit me. That would be lovely, isn't it?

Hugs to my favorite !!!

Mukut Ray