Ruhama the little Artist
Ruhama the little Artist: This girl is my niece we give every support to her. But all those kids are also ours, we should give them a hand.
Let us keep them smiling Little angels

Peace and Green team was at Felege Yordanos school last Friday. We were invite by one of our female volunteers. 

This girl is volunteering in two different Initiatives who support young people who suffer from mental illness. They are working on prevention. Most of the members are , writers, poets, ...people of art. They are also part of our grass root movement "Peace and Green Initiative."

We are trying to build a world ;

- no racism

-no tribalism

-no greed

-loving all human beings equally

- sharing what we have, money, skill, time...etc

We went to the school because our brother Kefelegn started training for four weeks for 65 students. These children are from less fortunate families. I saw them, dressing poorly, their little foot covered with dust, their faces were ashen, their clothes dirty, can tell they have nothing good except their sweet humor. Life has really dealt them a hard blow to these innocent kids. Some of them can't afford three meals a day. almost every student had slippers not a good shoes in that dusty compound.

I pity all the children, and the whole members of our group felt their heavy burden in their early ages. These children can be exposed to any kind of danger. That's why our member Birhan invited us to do this training. 

Kefelegn gave the class about " How to use their time".

If they use their time wisely and doesn't allow any friend to mislead them, they can be successful. 

:Time is gold....Nobody can through his gold away...keep it, use it wisely

: Lock yourself in time box...if any friend comes to tell you story or invitee  you to play, say NO.

...Time pays you back, if you use it properly.

Everybody was born naked, and will die the same way. We are given equal time to use it. The difference between successful person and unsuccessful one is, knowing how to manage his time.

he taught them in a very simple way, but we also learnt from him a lot.




I always love to read your updates about the village. It brings me closer to you. These children are the future, when we mentor them, the future is definitely secured.

thank you.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Hello my dear,

I'm glad you like my posts. Yes, that's how I grew up sharing skills and helping people, but did not have a plat form to share the posts and updates.

Thank you for WP for bringing us together, to share our stories, skills, offers and needs.

I love all the sisters here


Mulatwa Mosisa

These Young Minds where We Plant Seeds of Goodness, Kindness, Fairness, Recycling and Planting Trees Are OUR FUTURE(:.:)

Our Dearest Mulatwa, God Let Just have Over 60 Young Minds as Peace and Green Living Leaders!


Dear sister Mulitti

Almost everyday I come across some beautiful posts from far Ethiopia on the fb thanks to you. Very encouraging updates about a land that needs so much yet you make it appear so fulfilled, self sufficient.. children who really are in need still holding their head higher happier. Peace and Hope getting a physical form in the shape of these kids of your country. It all makes me very happy.

Keep sharing the updates.

Bright future certainly will be yours. 

Sending you love.