Any Country

Death from torture. Death by a firing squad. Death from a landmine. Death from a tank shell. Death from a missile. The victims are infants, teenagers, young, middle aged, and elderly.
My late grandmother, Maria Abu Dayyeh

Grandma Maria

A psychic recently told me she's around me, worried about me, watching over me. I was so surprised; I couldn't help myself and cried. Long before she died, I stopped believing she loved me.
2007 Peace rally in Portland, OR_Photo by Muna Hamzeh

Zeinab's Mother

Zeinab's Mother Now it is fast and easy. You hear the news on cyberspace. You let your friends know on cyberspace. They can't see your shaky fingers. They can't hear your choked voice.
A wall mural in Dheisheh Refugee Camp, Bethlehem_March 2000. Photo by Muna Hamzeh

In My Dreams

When I'm asleep I visit them. My friends, neighbors and ex-in-laws. I am with them in Dheisheh Refugee Camp. In some dreams, I walk through the camp alleys. I am lost and can't find my way.