Dearest friends and members of the VOF group,

I am Mursal from Afghanistan. Reading about others' heroes as well as thinking about mine one, I have come to one point, and that is what I want write about, my heroessss. You might wonder, why I am emphasizing a lot on the last "s" of the word "heroes", that is because I want to show that I don't have one hero, I am much blessed that I have many heroes. These all heroes got together and made me as strong as I am right now. Now, lets talk about who they are, they are my parents, my sisters and brothers, my relatives, my friends and finally all human beings around me. You know what, all these people always give me the strength to do things easily and without any hesitation. As a result, by their all efforts, encouragements, and wishes, now I am in a place where I wanted to be, I am in a position where I wanted to be, and I achieved the goals that I wanted to achieve, so that is all. Finally, if we deeply think about the above statement, we come to know that, it is human beings who empower other human beings, and so it is women who empower other women, so why shouldn't we. We can be as strong as anyone in the world, but the only thing we need is unity of all human kinds, but never forget, there is no matter of gender, nor is there the matter of being a Muslim, Hindu, christian, Buddhist, Afghan, Pakistani, American, and so on, WE all are naturally human beings, and that is what Naheed said, "I am a Pakistani by heritage, I am a Muslim by fate, I am an American by born, but I am a Woman by NATURE." I want to say I am a human by nature, that is what makes all human beings together. So the only external force in our lives are all human beings around ourselves.

Thank you, Mursal Hamraz

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To be a human - yes, this is the first. That is great if you can learn and become stronger due to all people you know. Everyone is rich if he has a lot of teachers both in his mind and in his heart. My best wishes to you! Alena

Я твайго не вазьму, я свайго не аддам! - I shall not take your, i shall not give my.

Dear Alena,

Thanks for your beautiful comment. Of course, i will never forget the thing that my friend, Fatima, said. She told me that we can learn from anyone if that one is rich, or poor or anyone, but the point is whether we learn something new. Also when I read some of the journals in the VOF group, someone had written, that we even learn from bad situations. That is the point of being thankful, because when we have good situation, we will never think about being thankful of all those who are making this situation (being happy and having everything you want), but when the bad situation comes, and when we finally come out of that situation, then we discover the "many" helps of others around us. So again, it shows that we all human beings are too connected with each other, maybe like a chain. and lastly, i want to say something from the depth of my heart and that is, "Within my relatives, I am "Hamraz" family member; within the society that I live, I am a female; within my country, I am an Afghan; within Asia, I am an Asian, on the earth, i am a person, but in the Universe, i am a creature on the earth, a human being, as well as all others are on the earth.

With love, Mursal Hamraz,

by monyki (not verified)

Hanraz, it's great to hear that from you. I hope your country becomes safe a.s.a.p. Take care, have my prayers.


Dear Monique,

Thanks for your nice prayers, I wish so and I will do my best to individually act in case of making it safe and secure, hopefully.



This is beautiful...I have been feeling a little down this week. The more I learn about the world, some times, the more upset I feel instead of empowered. I watched a film on pharmaceutical companies operating in Africa and a scandal about how they were using the African population as a clinic to test for cures for TB and AIDS, although pretending to actually be helping the people. I was just talking the other day about wanting to go to the Congo and volunteer at a fistula hospital for at least a month. I have also been learning a lot about the identity of Mary Magdalene and gospels that were left out because she was a woman. It breaks my heart to think there are forces or powers in our world who will stop at nothing to continue oppressing people. Then I read something like your post, and I remember why I continue to write, educate myself, read, and share my experiences with others. We are all human. If we strip everything else away, that is all we are.

When I went through yoga teacher training, my teacher asked us, "Who are you?" It seems like an easy question. But then she said, "Tell me who you are without ANY labels."

So, we could not say "Mother, writer, sister, lover, advocate, activist, vegetarian, meditator, dog lover, gardner" we had to drop all labels.

And what is left is just human. We are all human. My hope for the future is that we remember to cultivate this knowledge to let the true light of peace shine through us - all of the labels are like stormclouds that hide the sun and moon from us. Thank you for posting. :)

"...our compassion is the practice of unconditioning." Jakusho Kwong Roshi

Dear Li,

Hope you are feeling better now, but dear believe me, your words touched my heart. You know what, writing and speaking are ways to share your heart's desires and wishes, and your thoughts, but it is really hard to express your emotions fully, but dear believe me, i feel as you are just aware of my heart. your way of writing just enterd me to the depth of your heart, and that made me be hopefull for future, Because, I felt that yeah, there are still some humans who feel of being reall humans, as you my dear, so thanks once again for your nice comments and real feelings. But don't forget, still there are some like you, so be hopefull and never lose your hope.

Best wishes,

Mursal Hamraz,

Dear All,

It is good we realized who we are as human; however many times people forget the human being that supposed to be used, as God created us within good picture of Him, for helping the other human. Heroes are the un-forgotten human; however there are many forgotten human, mostly women and children.

The forgotten ones - poor women in rural who were left by the husbands without support; lots of children who were born with different colour/hair than the mother without planning due to migrant workers; lots of teenages who were pregnant due to early marriage by force/culture or their innocent/lack of knowledge; and even worse many housewives who got contaminated on HIV/Aids by the husbands but being pushed away by the family, many adolescent were being trapped into tobacco, alcohol, narcotics due to living without previously developed/proper coping mechanism from the parents and teachers; many mothers died during delivery; missing girls due to abortion by parents who wanted boys; and not to mention the children who didnot survive due to hunger, lack of nutricient and diseases. Some of the women have mental disturbance due to violence by the husbands, unmet dowry demand etc.

Financial crisis is on going but macro economy are still controlled by men. Most of the time women and children are victimized and people just seen those as natural phenomena. These show the gender inequality that lead to health inequity; we need to use our human being sense following the rights to health to help them. We could be duty bearers to put respect, protect and fulfilled their rights to health. When people are healthy then the nation is strong!

Long time ago we heard: "Experience is a good teacher" but lately we have to consider a better phrase: "Experiences are bad teachers due to giving examinations before the lectures". Thus - 'Other experiences is a good teacher"; yes we learn from others about good and bad things; but we need to throw away the bad ones and took the good ones only. We are learning from others, the good ones as heroes, the bad ones as forbidden/warning figures to be the un-forgotten human - as we heard from fabel and history. However each one of us I think is unique creation by God, we could be just ourselves! - let's dig out own potential as agent of changes to support a better world with peace, security and harmony for men and women within gender equality and equity. Let's live as human being to be useful for others. Many others live as the forgotten women and children - they are waiting for our Voice to Change their lifes

We may not be Heroes. The salt has never be found in the soup but we know it's more delicious because of it. Hero in silence to your human being for the sincerity to help the forgotten people - although it's never been seen but we know God counted each one of those. Nobody can cover the light or smell though.

Let's be Agents of changes to support them to become the future heroes! May God bless us!

E. Surjadi a career woman, wife, mother and grandmother

its really a great thoughts and life is just not only one story to have only one hero!! its really pleasure to read you.

thank u for posting dear:)


Nilima from Nepal

I liked the way you put down your thoughts and appreciate people around you how have been there for you and it also give me a boos to know that we are stronger with people human beings. hopeful i will let you know about my own heroes Regards form Sudan

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.Sudanes Women Building

Dear Erna,

Thank you so much for your beautiful, deeply thinking comment. You are right, how about forgotten people around us, especially children and women, so I just want to tell you, that can't we try to be their heroes? that is the point how it goes, it is just a circle, when we have heroes, those who are helping us in every point of our lives and give us a helping hand, we in turn, can also be the heroes for others, a helping hand for, as you said, those who are forgotten by others but not us. To be clear, I can say, i might have also been one of those who are forgotten by environments, but who helped me? honestly worldpulse, and those within this community, they gave me strength to share, aren't they my heroes, obsolutly they are. they are just as other human beings around us. I am not claiming that I had a bad situation as you mentioned some of them above, but i am saying mine one was also a small problem that has been solved. it is just a start to our journey of helping others. Oneness, is of course important, so one day not another day, we will be able to help others to stand in their lives and feel as they are not forgotten anymore. and hopefully we will be the change in future, and we are going to be the change.


Mursal Hamraz,

Dear Nilima, thanks dear for your nice comment. and you are most welcome,

and Dear Mahadi,

It would be my pleasure to read about your heroes, and also of course, we are strong, if we are more than one. By the word Oneness, i mean we all can be one, if we have unity. so waiting for your thoughts,

Best Wishes, Mursal hamraz,

Dear Mursal,

Thanks for posting it! I love your story, it's meaningful.

Regards, Sarvina

Regards, Sarvina from Cambodia VOF 2011 Correspondent