About Me: My love for my country and my continent defines me. I've grown up in Nairobi, in fairly good schools. However my parents have raised me to realize and be empathetic of those who are less fortunate. I'm 23 years old and a first born of 3 siblings. Currently I'm completing my degree in commerce. I'm hardworking, dilligent and versatile. Joining PulseWire will help me further my country's development. I'm ready to learn from my fellow members. I've learnt interacting with people and sharing ideas is what makes successful people.

My Passions: Making a difference in everything I do

My Challenges: Lack of opportunities and funding

My Vision for the Future: A developed Africa.

My Areas of Expertise: Finance, Management Science and Procurement.

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Hello from World Pulse, Muthoni.

I act as a World Pulse welcomer for new WP members and listener for other journal entries.

I am wondering whether you have found any World Pulse efforts that really stir you to action. You may want to introduce yourself to Olutosin Oladosu who has been very successful in empowering women with entrepreneurial education in Nigeria. She and I are very good friends through World Pulse. Here is her link https://worldpulse.com/user/1037

We'd love to hear from you again.

From New Orleans, Louisiana, USA