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Muwanguzi Daive
Posted May 1, 2013 from Uganda

About Me: My heart bleeds for suffering people who are abandoned by their Families, and they are not able to take care of themselves, I believe in our traditions. A girl child is a source of money to the poor families which is very wrong. They can do something when aided, empowered and educated. It is now one year since world healing initiative started practicing its plans. When given the opportunity we are the strength of Families. The girl child must be supported by all means to study, being abandoned doesn’t prevent their education. We can take all vulnerable children to school but mostly the girl child if support is rendered by well wishers, donors, and grants. Women and Youths must be supported to have skill trainings so that mothers are job creators not job seekers. Many women are left in houses with children and yet without jobs, and this has always been caused by poverty in our communities which force women go for prostitution hence a wide spread of HIV/AIDS. And yet no mother runs and leaves the children alone. They suffer together. A bright and stable child comes from mothers who are well nourished and happy. Mothers remaining alone have caused street kids, robbers, gang groups which lead to drug abuses, alcoholism etc since mothers fail to care for the children, when they become youths they suffer a lot because in our country there is no proper program for youths. Our focus is on prevention of HIV/AIDS and poverty eradication through accesses to information and life skill building, I have to say that I am happy that world healing initiative is part of noble struggle and effort to reduce HIV/AIDS prevalence in our communities women and youths stand at a big population in Uganda, youths of which comprises those in school and out of school who face different kinds of challenges and yet they need to be supported physically, morally and spiritually as they grow into responsible adults in the communities.

My Passions: I nee to see those who suffer in joy and in good life

My Challenges: I have meet a big challenge of seeing suffering people

My Vision for the Future: Always i cry to God to see the change for those who suffer in this world

My Areas of Expertise: Charity

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