Dear Inetmom, Thank you so much for sharing your story. I never expected that even in the US there will be digital challenges like you mentioned. I used to think it is only in Africa that we have this challenge. I admire the work you are doing with the school and the Library. In Nigeria it is very rare to see a library in a community. Libraries are only in schools and that means you must be in school to have access to a library if the school have one. For those who cannot afford school, they know nothing about Libraries. Your story have inspired me to start thinking of setting up a free community library in future with a free internet so that more women and girls can go to school online and learn alot. Thanks for inspiring me.

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Hi Nabiye Tal

Although the situation is worse in developing countries, there are people in every country of the world who find it hard to access the internet for one reason or another.

Would any of the schools near you be willing to let the wider community use their library and/or computer facilities outside of school hours?



This is great you're planning on setting up a free library and free access to internet. This is going to be the door for accessing knowledge to all of those who will be privileged enough to use these services. Keep us informed about your project at worldpulse.

Kadidia Doumbia

Dear Nabiye,

Thank you for sharing your ideas! A free community library with online learning-opportunities sounds great! Do you have any thoughts on how to realise such an idea? (What would be needed? How can we -the global community- help? :) )