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Empower Internally Displaced Women and Girls With Me

What I'm Leading

I am offering skills training to internally displaced women and girls whose houses and entire villages have been burned down by forces of the Cameroon government as a result of the anglophone crisis. 

Who I'm Impacting

Internally displaced women and girls in Cameroon.

My Updates


About Me

I am Nakinti, born in1979. I am a holder of a double Bsc. & M.Sc. in Women and Gender Studies, from the University of Buea (UB) Cameroon. I am currently a World Pulse VOF alumni, World Pulse Ambassador for Cameroon, and World Pulse Impact Leader. I am involved with women's work and women's writing. Writing is my passion. I was a Reporter for Global Press Journal from 2011 to 2015. My dream is to see that discrimination against women is eliminated in society, especially in Africa where it is at its peak. I love writing and watching reality shows Working with bossy bosses makes me sick. I am free spirited, out going and I love to mentor others so that they can achieve their objectives.

My Vision

To become an ambassador for women and girls


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