I am on a mission to educate and empower girls in rural communities. This, I do through offering scholarships to underprivileged girls and most importantly, creating what we call Girls' Lead Clubs in rural secondary school to educate girls on their rights, impact them with knowledge on sexual and reproductive health, arm them with leadership skills, and encourage them to take up public speaking responsibilities without fear. This strategy, is to help cut down on teenage pregnancies, early marriages, contracting HIV and other STIs while at the same time, encouraging education and leadership for girls, and securing financial independence for girls who will grow into women in the long run. Poised to achieve this goal of moving from school to school, a major set back has hit my country, which is standing in the way of me achieving my goal -- but I am not scared, because I always device a plan B when plan A fails. The teachers of my country have been on a sit-in strike for five weeks, and so there has been no school going on for the last five weeks in the anglophone regions of my country. How then am I going to achieve my goal of setting up Girls' Lead Clubs in rural secondary schools, I asked myself. The big answer came to mind.

This Christmas holidays, I set out to gather school girls in the village in my father's house and create the club there. While gathering them everyday for a number of days, I used our manual to teach them all the modules of our manual and also keep them busy by teaching them how to make different products out of beads. This was the most exciting part for the girls as they would arrive earlier than scheduled time, and leave later than closing time. They produced different types of necklaces, with free materials I provided them, and they even sold some to their mothers, sisters, and community members. This was intended to occupy the girls during this holidays and strike period so that they wouldn't make unnecessary visits that may end up with them getting pregnant, infected and even prematurely married. 

Setting up the club, and impacting the girls with skills for income generation was very satisfying, knowing that they can use the knowledge to grow and the skills to raise funds to support their education in one way or the other during their spare time. Their parents, on hearing and seeing what their children brought home as beads product, flooded my father's house to thank me, and to encourage me to do more things for the girls.

As the strike action continues in Cameroon, the mission of empowering girls in their local communities and creating the Girls' Lead Club will continue, because this is a critical time in the lives of the girls as they are out of school. If we can do this, then we will be sure to cut the number of pregnancies, early marriage, infections, and even deaths during this long break in our village communities.

Support World Pulse, so that they will continue to support us, to enable us achieve this goal!


This is such an amazing mission you are on. I truly believe Education has the power to empower our lives. It is great to see you are using it as a tool to teach young girls of the different opportunities that can come about in their lives. I wish you luck with this in the future! 

Take Care


Awesome work!  I believe our girls need this kind of intervention and safe space to connect, share ideas, make decisions that affect their personal lives and their communities. In essence being leaders in their own right. Thank you for standing for our girls and I wish you the very best as you progress in this hard but highly fulfilling and productive work.



Yes, dear Bim, the girls need all these to connect, share ideas and make decisions for their today and tomorrow, decisions that is going to affect their lives and communities today and tomorrow. I am bubbling to see these girls become leaders tomorrow. Thank you so much, Bim, for your sweet comments.

With Love


Nakinti B. Nofuru

2013 VOF

Founder/CEO Rescue Women - Cameroon (REWOCAM)

nakintin@yahoo.com or rescuewomen@yahoo.com


I admire your courage my dear sister, what you have done for these girl is superb. I hope you will get the necessary funding required to expand your work


Dearest Nakinti, wonderful for thee girls you are helping them come together. most important work! coming together to learn how to be strong courageous wise learned women, to learn that they can be and do anything they can dream of. bless you

Rahmana Karuna, Dance leader for DancesofUniversalPeace, Nurse Practitioner Midwife evolved to Spiritual Midwife, Arvigo Therapy, Walking the Sufi path of Hazrat Inayat Kahn lineage, a path of the heart

Keep keeping on Nakinti...great job you are doing by helpïng the girls secure not just their future but that of the whole community.

Sending love your way


Heights achieved by great men and women were not by sudden flights  but they while their companions slept were toiling upwards in the night....... Ciao

With warm regards, 

Echo Demitrez

I have noticed that the school curriculum can be just a little bit of the information a girl needs to navigate her world and make it better for her, and her future. It sounds to me that you are providing the basics of social information too often absolutely missing at the school. We know reading writing and math etc are all necessary but rights, responsibilities, how to find and nurture strengths, how to speak one's mind clearly and effectively, how to be with other people in relationships that are fulfilling, how to take care of one's financial health and one's bodily health are so very important if not more so . Thank you for helping do this with your girls.  

Carol Sunborn

girls schools everywhere are so critical to the future of our world. I support a school right here in Denver for teenage mothers, many of whom are that way due to sexual abuse. The school is their refuge and light. So I honor what you are doing and am here to support you however I can. I pray for many blessings to you

Colleen Abdoulah

Dear Collenab4,

Thank you so much for supporting girls who find themselves in such difficult situations. How I wish teenage mothers in Cameroon can have such support. Thank you for encouraging me. I count on the support of experienced people like you.

Sending you love from Cameroon


Nakinti B. Nofuru

2013 VOF

Founder/CEO Rescue Women - Cameroon (REWOCAM)

nakintin@yahoo.com or rescuewomen@yahoo.com


You are truly phenomenal in the work that you do to unrelentingly keep girls safe and learning. The impact of your work is testimony to the hope and vision that the girls experience when they engage in productive activities that boost their self esteem and worth. There is no greater achievement than feeling valued, useful and confident in ones own abilities especially for girls that age.

Keep doing well & I hope that the teachers have resumed work. How sad it is that there are girls yearning to learn when teachers are not available to teach!



I love the way you are going about this nakinti!

This same cause is very close to my heart. I hope I can reach out to you for advice and possibly collaboration.

God bless you

..I am so impress the fight for female folks as far as empowerment is concern is yielding fruits and this can only be done by level headed and vicious people like Nakintin, Congratulations once more. You have me to move along with in this fight.

Become what you believe!

Thank you Queenie! Really? What kind of work are you doing with girls? Can you share with me? You know I can learn one, two, three ... and a thousand things from what you are doing. Waiting to hear from you.

With love


Nakinti B. Nofuru

2013 VOF

Founder/CEO Rescue Women - Cameroon (REWOCAM)

nakintin@yahoo.com or rescuewomen@yahoo.com


Dear Gwei,

It gives me satisfaction when I lend a supporting hand to girls in need. The challenges facing girls in this trying moment of no school in anglophone Cameroon are many. How I wish I could reach all the girls in  all the corners of Cameroon. If wishes were horses [they say] beggars would ride.

Thank you for the uplifting comments

One love


Nakinti B. Nofuru

2013 VOF

Founder/CEO Rescue Women - Cameroon (REWOCAM)

nakintin@yahoo.com or rescuewomen@yahoo.com


Hello Nankiti, it's great reading about your work. Empowering girls is all I have ever wanted to do, but haven't gotten around to starting, Hoping to learn a lot from you.

Good work.

Dear sister

Thank you for doing great work for girls empowerment as we all are stand on same plat form for women's empowerment. I hope that you will keep working more and more as woman empower woman no doubt.

Best of luck for everything