My God! How could she abandon a 5 days old baby to a total stranger?

Posted September 12, 2012 from Cameroon

Today morning was a heavy one for me. I sat in my little office space trying to arrange my table as I just keyed my door open. A young beautiful lady came in smiling, carrying a new born baby wrapped in some old baby wrapper. I asked the lady to make herself comfortable on the chair in my office. She sits down saying "thank you ma." Before I could ask her what brought her to our office, I admired a shiny wedding ring that imposed itself on her finger, as she tries to tap the baby to sleep with her left hand. The ring quickly told me she was a new student in the institution of marriage, blessed with a new student in the world....a new born baby. What I didn't understand was why a newly wed, with a new born baby, would make a visit to a counseling unit for women and the family, a unit mostly visited by people with matrimonial and family problems. Well, my inner thoughts were taking me too far in so short a time. I wonder why I was judging the content of the book from its cover.

"Madam, how may I help you?" I asked with a broad smile. Do you know what she said?

"I have come to talk about this baby that I am carrying, She was abandoned to me by a strange girl" Without hesitation, I asked her to save the story for two ears, because I was too shocked to listen to the story alone. I took her hand bag, and asked her to follow me to the office next door, an office of a more senior colleague. We got in and I offered her a sit. To our greatest surprise, this lady said a pregnant girl approached her close to where she is working and told her that she is pregnant for an unknown man, and she has no where to go. The strange pregnant girl was also carrying a small baby girl aged 1 year and 2 months on her back. She says she felt sorry for this pregnant girl, coupled with the fact that she said she was homeless. She immediately called her husband and told him the story. This is what her husband had to tell her:

"If among all the people in Bamenda, this pregnant girl chose but you to narrate her predicament, then you are blessed, bring her home." This woman took the pregnant girl to her home and 4 days later she got into labour and put to bed a beautiful bouncing baby girl. Gosh! There was nothing bought for the baby, not even a single diaper or vest, the young mother herself did not even have a pant to wear. The good Samaritan lady went to the box of her younger baby and took the old things and carried to the hospital. A day later, this lady took mother and child home. To her surprise, the young mother refused to breastfeed her baby giving a flimsy excuse. Out of her meager income, the good Samaritan went out and bought artificial milk for the baby. The young mother went ahead to refuse sleeping with her own baby saying that her other baby of 1yr 2 months may hit the other baby in a sleep. The Samaritan woman again took the young baby and started sleeping with her in her own bed that she shares with her husband. Five days after the birth of this new born baby, the Samaritan woman went to work when her phone rang without stop. she picked up her phone and it was a neighbour calling that the baby is all alone in the house crying. She took permission and rushed home. The mother of the young baby had abandoned her little angel and ran away with the other older baby that she brought. She said she became so confused, but she hoped that the mother of the baby will soon come back. She stayed all through that day and the young mother did not come, she waited all through the next day but the young mother did not still show up. It then dawned on him that the young mother has abandoned her baby to her. Her husband then asked her to inform the government that she is keeping someone else's baby to avoid legal actions against her. Our office then referred her to the Regional Delegation for Social Affairs for action. Hmmm! I have not stopped wondering since morning why a woman would do a thing like that. Is it out of poverty that a woman would do such a thing? I wonder what the story of this woman would be. She obviously has a story behind her actions...I cannot judge her. The new mother of the baby is wondering how she would take care of an unexpected baby, however she says it is God's plan! I stood outside the office veranda as she walks out with the pretty baby in her hand, I looked at her until I could see her no more. I prayed silently to God to take total control.

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  • Nita
    Oct 24, 2012
    Oct 24, 2012

    Hi Na, Good article! Very plain, very explicit.

    I don't think that lady has bad intentions. She is just ignorant about somethings . A potential candidate for real empowerment. If there were a women empowerment school, i would recommend she starts from our kindergarten.

    if she had evil intentions, she would have given birth and dropped the babe by the garbage - refuse or forest as her peers do.

    The fact that she opened up, to this couple may be an indication that she was just caught up with the consequences of some rough living. She doesn't even know the author of the pregnancy - the other baby is less than 2yrs and she who cannot even take care of herself, but she is already pregnant again- that summarizes the story.

    Maybe in an effort to grab a franc from a reckless potential client, it quickly earned her an unwanted pregnancy. She did not resort to abortion but opened up to someone. I think she is a good person, only circumstances imposed themselves on her. Who knows maybe she is HIV + the reason she did not want to breast feed the baby. What a compassionate mother! I feel for her.

    I am more interested in our sister who is keeping the baby. She reported to which arm of the government that she is in possession of an abandoned baby? you know with the current wave of child trafficking, if she doesnt take the right steps, she may eventually run into serious problems. Opportunists can take advantage of the situation and complicate matters.

    I GUESS U KNOW THIS FAMOUS VANESSA' s story which still very current and still making news over the global media.

    Please check with our good samaritan, let her have a legal document showing that she is keeping of that baby. Her best bed may be to adopt the child legally. Its a long procedure though.

    There is a high probability that the biological mother will one day come back to that house. Or one of her relatives who saw her pregnant may pressurize her to say where she kept the baby. In our kindness, let us employ wisdom!.

    Please let me share this with you. A married woman close to us,was barren for more than 16yrs. One day her doctor invited her for a discussion. The doctor told her of a young girl who wanted to do away with a pregnancy. She agreed with the doctor that the doctor should plead with the girl not to abort the child and she the child -seeking woman will own the child. The pregnant girl was alright with the arrangement.

    From the labour room the child was given to the foster mother as per the arrangements.

    A few years later the biological mother to that child went back to the doctor asking for the child that her brother had come from the USA requesting see the child. The doctor said, the child had died. The girl's family insisted on seeing the child's grave. When things got out of hands and it was fast becoming a legal issue, the doctor had to run to the surrogate mother to collect the child and gave it back to the biological mother. The Surrogate mother wept. It was pathetic but the child went and never came back.

    The surrogate mother was advised by well wishers to let go the child because it the matter went to court she may end up losing the child and going to jail.

    So please encourage our friend and sister to take appropriate measures.

    To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

  • Maya Norton
    Apr 21, 2013
    Apr 21, 2013

    Nakinti, this story was riveting. Do you have an update since then?

    ~ Maya