“Am I cursed?” I asked myself once when things became super difficult for me when I returned home from a bitter stay abroad. One day, in a pool of my own tears, I undressed (all naked), locked in my little one room apartment paid by my aunt when I returned home. After a while, I could hear my son knocking at the door – he was back from school. I refused to open the door because I thought it was time for me to present myself and my problems to God, naked, the way He brought me in the World. I started gently, listing my problems – one after the other, gently crying, with my eyes focused to the ceiling, intended to be the heavens. I listed and listed, and yet I couldn’t remember some of my problems. …I peeped through the window and saw my son, Clinton, sitting on floor outside our house—“Sorry son,” I said to myself. “It’s time to make the strongest presentation of a life time to God almighty.” Oh yes, the gear increased as I listed on, asking God why so many troubles. I couldn’t hold back as I started crying aloud. …Then I heard my son knocking at the door hard “Mama, mama, please open the door. So you are inside? Please open it for me, what is happening?” he cried out from outside. As I heard him cry, I cried out even more. Shouting and asking God to change my story. …Then came a neighbor, who helped to console my son, knocking at the door too, asking me to open the door for Clinton. This story is a long one, let’s cut it short. I finally put on my dress and opened the door for my lovely son whose eyes were red from crying, and my neighbor who stood holding him by his side. I completed my presentation though. God is a miracle worker. If I don’t tell you, you will not know where I am coming from…life has not been a bed of roses for me. Now, ask me any question…I promise you that I will have a story to tell you, for Nakinti is a basket full of experiences! Which questions do you have? Is it about culture? I will tell you exactly how culture forced me to become a teenage mother. Yes, they said I had swine witchcraft. And those believed to have swine witchcraft cannot, I mean cannot bear children. Haha, I got pregnant to prove community wrong. Is it about relationships? Ask me, I have been a slave to one so many. Is it about seeking greener pasture abroad? Aha, I was there and I experienced first hand the vulnerability of African women in the diaspora. Is it about government of Cameroon? I have worked in the Women’s ministry and know exactly how useless the government service is. Is it about rural life? Hmmm, I was educated out of money made from subsistence farming. Is it about writing? I have written an unpublished semi-autobiography of life in the diaspora, and many other writings. Is it about friendships? I have one of the best girl friends on planet earth. One who stood by me during my difficult moments in life. One who prayed for me and broke barriers standing in my way. I have also had friends who helped to make some moments negatively memorable. Is it about intelligence? We are there! I was awarded best graduating female student in my department in 2005 upon graduation from the university. Funny enough, that was not a guarantee to employment. This forced to seek greener pastures outside. Is it about crying? I like this one, I am good at crying. My life has been full of tears. Note, not any more. So come on, what question do you have? Well, I came to discover that God is not a stupid God. He made me go through all that shit because he knew I was going to become a Voice of our Future, oh yes, He knew perfectly well. If you don’t experience it, you won’t really understand it, you won’t be able to fight it. Now watch my space guys, as I unravel the packages of experiences all through this VOF training. It is intended to make readers learn from my experiences, and nothing more. Now ask me, what questions do you have? Nakinti is a basket full of experiences!

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My dear Nakinti,

It pained me to read that you had to go through so much. Swine Witchcraft and teenage pregnancy, i feel ashamed to know that such a culture exists which victimizes women and her body.

Do not ever feel you are alone. This friend from India is always there for you. I stand with you.

Sending you and your lovely son lots of love and best wishes from my heart and heartland. May God always be with you.


Mukut Ray

My dear Mukut, Thank you for standing by me always...I appreciate. There are terrible things happening in this world. That is why we need more local women to become citizen journalists. We need to raise our voices to the highest level. Thanks hun!

Nakinti B. Nofuru2013 VOF CorrespondentReporter for Global Press InstituteBamenda - CameroonEmail: nakinti@globalpressinstitute.org nakintin@yahoo.com

Oh dear Nakinti, Each time you think about the pains and struggles just think of this dear sister here and remember there are many more worst situations and pain and much more, yet live with lots of hope and belief that one day all will change and fight to bring that change.I appreciate that you have come a long way through enduring all that.

I am always there.


Merlin James

Dear Sharon, Its been a long a difficult road for me. It's time to share my experiences so that many can learn from it. I have overcome those moments and today life is just what I expected of myself...it is all good now. Just to let so many know that if you are going through that very difficult period in your life, it is only a trial period, the best will obviously come. Thank you dear Sharon for encouraging me. Love you darling. Nakinti

Nakinti B. Nofuru2013 VOF CorrespondentReporter for Global Press InstituteBamenda - CameroonEmail: nakinti@globalpressinstitute.org nakintin@yahoo.com

Dearest Nakinti

This is such a honest piece of writing and I am sure God is looking over that list you made. With my life experiences I started to believe nobody is really happy. Nobody is really content. We make the best of what we have and we hide the sorrows behind a smile. But most importantly winners are those who can do just that! It takes a lot of strength to put a smile on our face for the rest of the world while we weep inside.

I can relate to your tears. I had them earlier. But as you, it has stopped. Experience has shown me that we need to make ourselves tough to stand the hardship life offers us.

But the most important life lessons for me is that, no matter how bad things look now, eventually things ease out. Good things to happen ... even if a bit later than we expect it to happen :)

Through this journey I am sure we will be able to make much needed difference to our communities, our lives, and our world. What we want to do now is to reach out to others so that they don't go through the same terrible experience we did. They can learn from ours and walk a different path.

More power to your writing dearest. Keep them coming.

Salaam Aminah

My dearest Aminah, my true friend in the Maldives, You are surely right...at some point in everyone's life comes a moment of pain. It is also truthful that some people experience more pain than others. But like you said, we need to make ourselves tough so as to stand the hardship that life offers. Things eventually ease out if we throw away our tears and embrace hardwork. This journey...this journey....this journey, this journey dear is a start to ending the cycle of pain and tears in the World. ***Clinton is happy boy now, gone on holidays to the village to spend time with my parents, he is having the best education in one of the best schools in Cameroon...Allah/God has made this possible for me. Aminah, you always make my day...you just made my day once again. Thank you darling. I am sending you the last of my reserved love to you, from Cameroon, a true sister in the Maldives. Nakinti

Nakinti B. Nofuru2013 VOF CorrespondentReporter for Global Press InstituteBamenda - CameroonEmail: nakinti@globalpressinstitute.org nakintin@yahoo.com