Beneficiary #1 of the Rescue Women Girls Scholarship in Bai Kuke

Posted July 6, 2014 from Cameroon
Nakinti (left), Beteka Yaneni (right)
Nakinti (left), Beteka Yaneni (right)
Nakinti (left), Beteka Yaneni (right) (1/2)

Meet Beteka Robota Yaneni. She is my favorite Chocolate girl. She is the number one beneficiary of the Rescue Women Girls Scholarship in Bai Kuke. I love the thing on her T-Shirt ....OBAMA Girl. She is sure a future Obama.

Yaneni was born on the 26th of November 2003 to a mother who was sexually abused by an unknown idiot. Her mother, Esther, was suffering from mental disorder when she was impregnated by this idiot. Like Yaneni, the helpless mother had three other children under this condition. This helpless mother put to bed and nursed this baby until she was about 2 years old when family members decided to 'steal' the baby from her so that they can take proper care of her (like have her grow up inside a house).

Esther, the mother of Yaneni died last year after having suffered from unstable health for so long. The only aunt who is presently taking care of Yaneni went partially blind this year. Yaneni, her aunt, and 3 other relatives are living in one small square room in Bai Kuke.

Yaneni was enrolled into secondary school (form1) last year but she dropped out during first term because she was constantly sent home for owing fees. She had no hope of ever attending school. The scholarship came to her as big surprise and she was very happy.

Despite the many sad stories surrounding Yaneni, the smile on her face can light up a whole dark room. There is hope in every smile that she gives. To me, her situation was carefully packaged by God for a purpose and that purpose is about to be revealed.

Yaneni is my love...I feel like bringing her to live with me in Bamenda. I am still thinking about it. Yesterday, I paid part of her school fees and bought her a pair of uniforms. I know God will provide the rest of the school fees by His Grace!

So far, there are 08 beneficaries.

Guys, help me say Congratulations to this brilliant baby!!!

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