About Me: I am British-Sudanese Human Rights activist since 2003-present, specifically in Sudan. From 2011 my work in Human rights works has branched out so that she has been lobbying governments, British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), the US Secretariat of State, the African Union, the European Commission, working in collaboration with human rights organizations- Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Waging Peace and a wide range of media agencies and newspapers which included the BBC office Khartoum and BBC Arabic London, Reuters, Agence France-Presse (AFP), Arabic News Network (ANN), Hurryait Sudan and Sudan Tribune to advance issues of human rights and justice in the Sudan.

My achievements have been that I have: • Created and distributed effective easy to follow advocacy templates which started a culture of advocacy for human rights in the Sudan among Sudanese diaspora and organizations in and outside Sudan. • Worked in raising awareness of major conflicts in the Sudan, raised awareness about the conflict which erupted in South Kordofan State in June 2011, contributed towards the intervention of African Union peacekeeping forces in the conflict region of Abyei, which helped in reducing the rate of conflict between Dinka (Ngok), Messiryah and Sudanese Armed Forces. • Contributed towards creating a movement of activists using social media, international and national Sudanese media to highlight and campaign for human rights violations in the Sudan.https://twitter.com/Namaa0009 • Led campaigns that contributed to the release of over 4,000 political activists who were arbitrarily arrested in the Sudan • Led campaigns that stopped the arbitrary court trials of 9 Sudanese journalists, the executions of 25 Prisoners of War. • Campaigned successfully to save the lives of thousands of Sudanese caught in between the Libyan-Libyan fire during the Libyan Revolution. • Campaigned to protect peaceful methods of resistance in the Sudan by the promotion of the Mansir 107 day sit-in Naher Elneel State, the 2 week sit–in in al-Gurrer and the 30 day sit-in in Babnusa •Campaigned successfully against the Sudanese government policy of installation of water meters in residential homes in the Sudan and a 20% hike in fuel prices. • Ran a news website on facebook from November 2011-November 2012 I has contributed in creating a culture of lobbying and advocacy for human rights in the Sudan, the online news site aimed at exposing human rights violations and which has brought to public opinion issues such as the cold blooded murder of Awadia Ajabana in March 2012, issues such as the arbitrary arrest of activists, issues such as excessive force used by police to clamp down a number of peaceful demonstrations.

My Passions: Human Rights, Peace and Justice

My Challenges: Human Rights, Peace and Justice in the Sudan

My Vision for the Future: A Peace and Just Planet

My Areas of Expertise: Advocacy, Social Media, Campaigning, Program Managment and Funding

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