Introducing myself and my journal: The Villager

Posted July 3, 2014 from Kenya

About Me: Grace Namuleyi Wasike is my name. I was born 44 years ago and raised up in Kenya. My parents gave my siblings and I the best environment to pursue our dreams. I strive to do the same for my children. Currently am involved in efforts to eradicate jiggers in Bungoma County, my home county. Jiggers is a hidden menace in this part of the world but its effect is horrible especially to the children. I am the Executive Director of a non governmental organization that is at the forefront of the anti jigger campaign.

I look forward to having a beneficial relationship with this community.

My Passions: Community Outreach programs

My Challenges: Lack of resources to do all I need to for the benefit of the community

My Vision for the Future: A future that every man, woman and children enjoys good health and a dignified life

My Areas of Expertise: Am a secretary by training

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